Monday, 12 May 2014

In Spike We Trust? The Prelude to Spike's Gaming Coverage

From what I heard, I was right about VGX being an improvement but McHale absolutely ruined it. As far as criticism goes, if McHale didn't co-host, last year's revamped event would have been the turning point for Spike. Something that would give them a bit more credit as a gaming broadcaster.
But sadly, that isn't the reality. The reality is, once again, they blew it. I said it before, I'll say it again, online networks like have replaced television networks like G4 when it comes to gamer entertainment. They know who their audience is and they know how to cater to them. Television offerings just don't cut it anymore.

And yet, between video game adaptions and tie-ins like Defiance and the surprisingly positive reviews for the Need for Speed film, I still believe there is still some hope that TV and movies can actually get it right. Why else would Spike be named the official broadcaster for E3? Because, while Spike at least gave a crap about gaming, G4 was apparently too busy with Cops, Cheaters, and Lost reruns! Whether gamers like to admit it or not, Spike is the only network left on North American airwaves to bring gaming to their TV sets.

If the team behind VGX wants to solve their "PR problem", all they gotta do is find people who will actually treat gamers with some respect. Spike's demographic and the gaming community are two different beings. You can cater to the former, by all means, but at least treat the latter with some dignity. Meanwhile, I notice that GTTV is off the air, leaving Spike without a gaming news show. Whether or not they've cancelled it and will replace it something else, I'd like to see the show at a more accessible timeslot.

I'll admit that I never got to see VGX or last year's E3 All Access, I just scrambled around news articles and hoped for the best. This year, I'll follow Spike's coverage of E3 2014, then I'll check out VGX at the end of the year. Now that we know for sure that G4 is dead, I want see for myself if Spike can learn from it's mistakes and take G4's place, not as a gaming network, but as a network that at least casual gamers can trust.

Gamers can dismiss it, but the rest of us won't. Spike is the last frontier for gaming television; they need to start acting like it.

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