Friday, 11 April 2014

YTV Does Something that Should Have Been Done a LONG Time Ago

...No, they didn't bring back Bionix. Stop asking that.

I noticed last week that YTV has begun airing Spliced, a Teletoon original production. Now I see that YTV will begin airing My Babysitter's a Vampire and The Haunting Hour starting today. It's about bloody time. ...I make no apologizes for the pun. For starters, especially in the case of The Haunting Hour, those two shows should have aired on YTV from the get-go. Whereas Teletoon is supposed to air animation, YTV was free to broadcast everything from LazyTown to Witch Hunter Robin, as long as it appeals to kids and teens. There's absolutely no excuse for these two shows to not air on YTV.

So now it begins, Teletoon is now wholly owned by Corus Entertainment and they have to take steps to make sure their programming doesn't overlap with YTV's. What we are seeing is the first step Corus has taken to do that.

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