Thursday, 24 April 2014

Well, This Is Weird... [MTV2 May 2014]

I was browsing the program listings on the American channels on My Faves, when I noticed something on MTV2's schedule. On Monday May 5th, Rather than the occasional Boy Meets World or Saved by the Bell rerun blocks, I saw Sucker Free, Elite 8, and You Rock the Deuce. ...Y-You don't think that...? Nah, that's crazy! American networks returning to their roots? HA! It's probably just Zap2it bugging out again, what with their crappy new layout being rolled out. Then again, if this is the real deal, this would be a nice step forward.

It's been three years since MTV2 began to, as Wikipedia put it, "reinvent themselves". To do this, they started producing original lifestyle shows that target young adult males as well as resurrect some older shows such as Wild n' Out. Being the only shows worth watching on MTV2, they quickly brought in large ratings for the channel. If MTV2 were to bring music programming back to the daytime, I believe it would entice viewers to stay for a little bit longer. And hey, as long as they don't get in the way, I'd welcome Bell, Boy, and The Wayans Bros. to stick around for a little while.

What really caught my eye about this schedule slip was that most of MTV2's programming debuts, as well as other major events in the past, have all happened in May. Citing Wikipedia again, there was the end of 120 Minutes, which was renamed as Subterranean as well as the return of Headbangers Ball in 2003. Then there was Human Giant 24 in 2007 and, just for kicks, the premiere of Hip-Hop Squares in 2012. Really, the only thing that makes me doubt this is the real deal is the status quo. Again, what happened to This Week in Jams?

Well, here's to the best. I'd say something about the Canadian version of MTV2, but I think I already made my point about that.

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