Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Difference Between Vortexx and Toonami

I was skeptical when heard Toonami was being revived on Adult Swim. In this modern era, where new anime is streamed online, legally or otherwise, without having to wait for the english dub, something like Toonami just seemed obsolete. Sure, they could still play western action shows... if you can find any that aren't live-action. Conversly, when I heard that Saban, a legendary name in children's entertainment, had returned and were programming a new block to replace Toonzai, I was overjoyed. Instead of more butchered 4Kids dubs, I'd finally see something of the western variety. It's been 2 years since, and I'm surprised to find that the tables have turned: Toonami is bigger than it ever was while Vortexx is becoming just as bad as Toonzai.

On Vortexx, Justice League Unlimited and a handful of other shows have been in repeats since 2013; Yu-Gi-Oh having been in reruns since 2010! Vortexx did have some fresh material including Iron Man Armored Adventures, Transformers Prime, and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. But all those shows have were cut short before they could finish their runs. More damningly, Lost Galaxy was cut to make room for one full hour of Sonic X, which was also rerun to death on Toonzai. Even when Sonic X finished it's run, rather than replace it with something else, it went right back to reruns! Right now, the only shows worth watching are Digimon Fusion and Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, Sendokai Champions STILL hasn't premiered yet.

Meanwhile, on Toonami, when one show ends another one takes it's place. One second it's FLCL, next thing you know it's The Big O, then it's Soul Eater, then it's back to FLCL. Then just to throw you off, they add some new shows like Soul Eater, Sword Art Online, and Black Lagoon. That's how it's done! See, that's the reason why broadcast network blocks like ABC Kids, 4KidsTV, and Cookie Jar TV are obsolete; they fail to acquire new content and let E/I requirements hold them back. If Vortexx had followed Toonami's lead, they would be doing so much better right now.

*sigh* And I was so hoping for a return to the glory days of Saturday mornings. But I shouldn't give up yet. If Vortexx can find some new shows before the end of the year and dump the recycled crap, they might be able to survive. But if they can't..., well, least I still have The Zone Weekend...

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