Monday, 21 April 2014

From an Outsider's Prespective: If I ran MTV2

Every time I look at how dull Canada's version of MTV2 is, I can't help but ask myself if it's better or worse than the American MTV2. On one hand, MTV2 is, to my knowledge, the only guy-centric channel in the States. Their original programming actually speaks to someone of my demo. Meanwhile, MTV2 Canada appeals more to the cancer known as tween girls, just like every other youth network in Canada. They don't even run any of MTV2's original shows despite the name, one of the prime reasons why I don't like American-branded channels. Ironically, MTV2 in Canada, back when it was the original MTV Canada, was specifically launched to target a demo that was too old for YTV, yet too young for networks like MuchMusic (network decay; don't ask).

On the other hand, there is a sharp contrast between MTV2's original programming, which targets young adults, and some of their acquired programming, which would fit more at home on Disney XD and ABC Family. Oh, and did I forget to mention that, like MTV, they chose to do that instead of playing music videos. Yes, I know, music video networks aren't popular anymore, if Fuse is any indication, but come on! You telling me you can set aside time for a Scrubs marathon and a movie, but you can't find time for an extra block of music videos in the afternoons? Also, not to call racism but, I notice that shows like The Wayans Bros. and In Living Colour are mostly played in graveyard slots, Smart Guy (and Family Matters) being the only exception(s). I'm sorry, wasn't this the network that favors urban music over rock?

OK, finding something other than music videos to watch shouldn't be that much of a problem. Being a male lifestyle network, maybe MTV2 could take some lessons from Spike TV's earlier days. The wild raunchiness of Blue Mountain State would fit right at home with MTV2's demographic. MTV2 also has a history with sports and sports entertainment; does the name Bellator ring any bells? How bout the LFL? Maybe MTV2 could start syndicating Ring of Honor Wrestling and some Slamball matches. Finally, it wouldn't hurt to air some of MTV's old shows on a regular basis. Worked for TeenNick, didn't' it?

Back on the subject of music, what happened to This Week in Jams? Because, if it's not coming back, then I'd like to see the return of Sucker Free Sundays and Rock n' Jock Saturdays. A whole weekend devoted to hip-hop and rock music programming. Also, again, if you have time for Family Matters reruns, then you got time for some more music videos. Seriously, even Much has an evening block devoted to that, and that's after they got rid of the teen dramas. More music, that's all I ask.

And that's it. That's the MTV2 I've envisioned in my dreams! A paradise for someone looking for an alternative to MTV's girly crap. But, instead I see a network that's lost everything and is now trying to gain an a new identity in the shadow of it's sister network. But even then, I have to say, it's still better than the Canadian version. MTV2 is the only American network I can relate to...

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