Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fave Five: Channels I like

1) Disney XD (Canada)
Disney XD is, as you know, the boy version of Disney Channel. That's probably the reason why I sorta like it. I'm tempted to say that their sitcoms are a lot more adventurous in premise than those of Disney Channel, which are just a bunch of That's So Raven ripoffs, but I wouldn't say they're worth binge viewing. It's really shows like Aaron Stone and Zeke and Luther (both of which are finished, sadly) and their original cartoons that really got to my heart. The real stars here are the animated shows they air. Whether they're original shows or reruns from Disney Channel or even ABC Kids, Jetix and Toon Disney! It helps that they're the only "extreme" network left in Canada.

2) Action
The only channel in Canada to offer entertainment programing for the GUYS! But don't let it's name fool you, Action isn't just a channel for action movies and shows anymore. Action is very much a Canadian counterpart to networks like Spike, also broadcasting a lineup of reality shows...and TruTV shows. Most of the channel's programming are less "action"-oriented and more guy-centric. Nonetheless, if you get bored of dramas, Action should be a must-have in your subscription package.

3) Much
I'm not afraid to admit it, Bell Media ruined this channel. MuchMusic used to be so much better if you were a music fan. But enough about that, the reason why I like Much in it's present form is due very much to it's present programming lineup; most of which was stolen from The Comedy Network. Today, Much is a network for pop culture programming, intermixing comedies and talk shows (and new episodes of Degrassi, despite the show moving to MTV) with music programming. It blows the water out of other networks of it's kind, which rely on reality shows to get their kicks. And, hey, if I ever want to discover new music, I still have AUX.

4) FX/FXX Canada
Where FX in the US is mostly a basic cable movie network, FX Canada is Rogers Media's de facto equivalent to Showcase. In addition to airing groundbreaking shows from FX, the channel also features of roster of comedies, dramas, and movies. If you missed shows like Seed and Package Deal, you can find them here. Oh, and did I mention that FXC also serves as an alternate outlet for sports? Of course, nowadays I find myself watching FXX more often.

5) Teletoon
Teletoon has become more like a cross between The Hub Network and Cartoon Network in recent years, as far as programming goes. Whereas YTV has gone back to targeting kids, Teletoon still appeals to a wider demographic beyond kids and teens. Of course, while The Hub Network isn't a "cartoon network", that still doesn't give Teletoon any reason to be broadcasting live-action movies that have nothing to do with animation or comics; Original shows, maybe, but not movies. Other than that blemish, Teletoon is still one network I can turn to for a good time.

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