Tuesday, 1 April 2014

CBC Cancels 'Arctic Air & Cracked. Thoughts?

Wonderful. We knew this was coming, and yet it still hurts. The CBC just can't catch a break anymore, can they? I know Cracked won't be missed, but if Arctic Air ends on a cliffhanger... Left and right, all of CBC's shows are getting the can, all because of these damn budget cuts and Rogers stealing the NHL broadcast rights.

Good thing Republic of Doyle is almost done, I can't imagine that show lasting another season with the CBC in it's current state. In fact, a lot of comedies/comedy-dramas on CBC are still on the air; most of the shows that got the boot were police procedurals and standard drama fare. That's why I loved how Sally Catto brought up how CBC Television needed to get creative with their original programming to distinguish themselves from the other private broadcasters. Maybe the CBC needs to take some lessons from FX and AMC Networks?

Of course, without any revenue, it'll be hard for CBC to make any new shows, let alone keep their own shows on the air. It sounds like a challenge but, if we could produce SCTV, we can produce something just as great. It's all about being creative and making do with what you got. ...But seriously, between the budget cuts, the horrible Rogers deal, and a rebrand of Radio-Canada that blew $400,000, I'm starting to think someone really is trying to kill the CBC!

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