Thursday, 20 March 2014

Why I Hate ZippCast

Don't get me wrong. I'd LOVE to see a new video sharing site become popular enough to make YouTube it's bitch. That's precisely why I signed up for ZippCast two years ago. But once I did get there, Oh God... I get it, it's a new website, there will be problems. But if that's the case, maybe you should actually try to get your damn site working BEFORE you announce it to the world! Still don't know why I, someone who despises YouTube almost as much as he hates his own brother, am not drinking the ZippCast Kool-Aid?

First and foremost, the layout. Pros: Because it's the old YouTube layout, it's looks lovely. Cons: Because it's the old YouTube layout, it's not as easy to use as YouTube's current layout. In YouTube 2.0, It was SO EASY to customize my channel and the variety was a nice bonus. In ZippCast's layout, I have to go back and forth between two windows just to make sure I did everything right. And of course, their rendition of the 2.0 channels is treated with as much loving care as a Uwe Boll video game adaptation. At least navigation of the rest of the site isn't as bad.

Then you get to the uploader; It's so primitive. On YouTube, I just drag and drop; on Dailymotion, I press the button and select my file. On ZippCast, I press the button, fill in ALL of the video information, and then I can press the button and select my file. Then the damn loading bar stops working and I'm never sure if the video is still uploading (and processing) or if the upload failed until 10 minutes later! Man, I friggin HATE that uploader!

The community is, without calling anyone pathetic, childish. They actually think that just because ZippCast used the old layout, it was better than YouTube. If rest of the world ran on bullshit logic like that, we'd ditch Windows 8 and switch to using Chromebooks! When I first used ZippCast, they rolled out this new chat function. I ended up talking to this 7 year old brat who actually believed more famous YouTubers would jump ship simply because of the layout. Then the bloody chat started bugging out his end. Nice. Oh, and then the entire site shut down a few months later. Fantastic.

The following year, ZippCast came back the first videos I saw uploaded was a bunch of bias bullshit blasting the new YouTube layout and Google. Look at those bastards, mocking people for still using YouTube. Jokes on them, the website, once again, shut down not even half a year later! Now that's a bittersweet way. Everyone's in such a rush to get off of YouTube, they delude themselves to thinking ZippCast is a perfect alternative. Then they get hit by an assortment of problems that would NEVER happen to YouTube or any other video hosting site. Dailymotion's new layout is shit, but you don't see me abandoning it.

So, here we are; ZippCast is back for the fourth time. Still think It's going to replace YouTube in the future? No, I think that you think that when you do sign up for ZippCast, you're not going to completely jump ship. You're gonna keep uploading videos on YouTube and generally spend more time there, despite their new layout. Why? Because you know, that it's what's on the inside that counts.

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