Thursday, 27 March 2014

What's Next?

Spring is right around the corner: Time to get out of my hiding hole and get back to work! I haven't started on episode 11 of Reycralibur yet because I was working on the remake of episode 3 and The Abridged Knights of Brawl finale. Now that both of these are taken care of (I WILL have the finale ready for rendering this weekend, goddamn it!), I can review the script for episodes 11-13 and start filming the next episode.

As for TAKOB, I will be abridging the third season but, I won't continue on that until after I finish episode 11 of Reycralibur. Unfortunately, I have to rewatch the third season of Knights of Brawl to know what I'm up against; and it is horrible. There are other projects I've been wanting to work on, in particular, I've been eying Star and Friends because of how easy it would be to make episodes of that show. I was also hoping to start a new sketch comedy show..., I use the term "comedy" loosely. But, as you know, my work ethic isn't really the best. I already started a few other side projects that I still haven't finished yet. So, once I'm done with TAKOB finale, I'm going to finish those up.

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