Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fave Five: Channels I Don't Like.

1) M3
Make no Mistake, I'm glad MuchMore has finally bit the dust and, as of writing, M3 is a bit more polished now then it was at launch. But it still has it's share of problems. Yes, M3 is NOT a music channel anymore, but it's still licensed as one. As such, it's music offerings, as far as studio-made programming is concerned, needs more work. I like the new format of the M3 Countdown, but the video list is near identical to that of the Much Countdown (and the videos are even shorter, if you can believe that!). If I want to watch mainstream music videos, I'll watch Much. Hell, I do watch Much and, unless it's shifting to a more music-based format, I like it the way it is, thank you very...much.

2) CMT
Unlike M3, which abandoned it's music format, CMT is much more faithful to country music. But when it comes to shunt programming, the results can be very...cringe-worthy. On one hand you have shows like Rules of Engagement, Wife Swap and AFV. On the other hand, you have shows like Fear Factor, Burger Wars, JFL Gags, Pizza Wars, Cash Mob, Taco Wars, and a whole bunch of shows from W Network. Wanna know what the best part is? Some of those shows are originals. ...Like I said, much more faithful to music than M3.

3) Twist TV
...Do I really need to say anything? ...Yeah, that's what I thought. Next!

4) MTV2
At the very least, as of writing, MTV2 Canada is finally airing some different shows. It's slightly better than it was before, but it's still a lifeless network. The main problem here is, MTV2 is for young male adults, this channel is targeting teenagers. Whatever MTV2 Canada is doing, it's not what MTV2 in the US is doing. Aside from Cribs and True Life, it's not even airing MTV shows anymore. It's subscriber base is almost nonexistent, they have no fresh original or acquired shows to give to it's audience. The only channel I can compare MTV2 Canada to is G4, which has also been running on autopilot...until it finally shuts down for good. At least the Canadian G4 has Reviews on the Run, EP Daily, Rude Tube and Bang Goes The Theory going for it.

5) YTV
Back in Feburary, while I was mourning the lost of Bionix on YTV's Facebook page, I caught the attention of someguy/girl by the name of Joshua Dillon Veuskens . Unfortunately for me, s/he turned out to be one of those anime wackos. You know? The insane anime fanboys who believe that Japanese cartoons are superior to that of western shows. (S)He was so messed up the head by the cancellation of Bionix four years ago, that s/he believes YTV is in some sort of funk right now because of it; pinning the blame on post-movie Spongebob episodes and YTV's original programming. Total. Bullshit. It's weirdos like him/her that are precisely the reason why I HATE socializing. Too many morons.

Unfortunately, s/he has a point. Because of ABC Spark, YTV doesn't have to target teenagers anymore. Unlike teens, kids don't really fancy dramas or mature anime. Say goodbye to Friday Night Lights, Smallville, and Ghost in the Shell SAC. Say Hello to reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos, Just for Laughs Gags, and Wipeout Canada. It doesn't help that Nickelodeon's programming, which YTV has relied on for so many years, has also gone downhill save for a couple of shows. Seriously, their new sitcoms feel like they came from the It's a Laugh crap factory and their original Nicktoons (that is, the shows that aren't based on licensed properties) are loosing their luster. Personally, the only Nick shows worth watching are Spongebob, Korra, TMNT, Power Rangers, Sanjay & Craig, and Digimon Fusion.

In terms of original programming, YTV's game shows (especially Splatalot, Japanizi, and The Next Star) are way better than their scripted shows. I don't know about you, but shows like Numb Chucks are exactly the kind of kid-pandering crap I despise the most about television nowadays. Teletoon's offerings are much more entertaining. They're addictive and imaginative..., though I can't say the same about Rocket Monkeys.

Screw Nostalgia! The fact that I'm still watching Teletoon proves that you don't need to be a kid to know what a good kid show is. That is unless you're a member of the PTC, Common Sense Media, or the people running YTV nowadays, in which case, thanks for corrupting the youth AND ruining good television, Assholes.

...You know, Teletoon at Night would make a great successor to Bionix...

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