Thursday, 20 March 2014


I'm a Dailymotion guy. Their copyright standards aren't as bullshit as youtube's, the comment section is quiet, and it just feels like, you know, a video sharing website. I only have one complaint, their constant need to look just like youtube. I get it, Dailymotion's layout isn't as accessible as youtube's, but is that any reason to ripoff their layout? No, and why would you? 

I never complained about the 2.0 channels, but youtube's layout's are just so...wrong. I can't turn off the comment section or related videos, so the pages are just so unnecessary long. My channels don't encourage personalization, so I'm stuck with just a stupid banner. Oh, and don't get me started on how horrible the homepage is. And then they changed the subscription page..., Seriously?!!?  Of course, that's no reason to flock to a broken piece of crap like ZippCast. I'll never understand why a website that looks like the old youtube but runs even worse the current youtube gets treated like the real deal. Maybe people like rooting for the underdog...or maybe One Channel gave youtubers more brain damage then they already have.

Back on topic, in ripping off youtube's layout, Dailymotion actually looks worse then it did before. The new homepage looks ugly, the new channels are shameless knockoffs, and the new video page looks even worse than youtube's. I'm actually tempted to try out ZippCast again! What's next? Are they gonna team up with Facebook and require you to make a FB account to post comments? I'm surprised youtube hasn't sued Dailymotion for ripping off their crap...; ZippCast, not so much. 

It's just so...bleahhh. It looks so horrible that it makes me want to vomit. I'm just thankful the actual site still works. However, if Dailymotion thinks they're going to attract new users with a horrible layout like this, then clearly they don't know why people left youtube in the first place. 

How do you say idiots in french?

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