Friday, 28 February 2014

The Comedy Network: Time (Not) Competely Wasted

Let's be blunt, Much is one of the prime reasons why The Comedy Network is in a slump right now. In getting rid of the teen dramas (which now air on MTV and, then fledgling, M3) and focusing on comedy programming, Much was able to cater to that oh-so-underserved young adult demographic that could use more action and less love triangles. However, most of said comedy programming came from the Comedy Network. They could have just taken Conan, Tosh.0, The Simpsons & South Park. Instead, they took everything except The Daily Show, Colbert Report, @midnight and Parks & Recreation.

Buoyed on Comedy Central programming, Comedy Network - like so many other Canadian networks that have sold their souls - barely focused on any original Canadian programming. Now that most of the acquired programming are gone, there's no doubt ratings are dwindling. I wouldn't be surprised if people started watching BiteTV from now on. After all, their offerings are much more relevant, they actually support the Canadian comedy scene...and they air It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Portlandia which is a nice bonus!

Thankfully, MuchComedy Networks (Officially, "Much MTV Comedy Networks") didn't completely leave Comedy hanging. They still air sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, and, with all that free space, they've also been airing more movies and stand-up specials. Their Canadian offerings are a little flat (Thanks to BiteTV), but they still have an original show in Match Game and it's pretty much Just For Laughs central. Finally, Comedy has been acquiring shows from other sources and giving them the spotlight; something that would have never happened before the September revamp (between the popularity of CC's shows and lack of space on Comedy's schedule - they did say they were running out of room)

You know, after writing this blog entry, I finally see the full picture of MMCN's design. Much and Comedy Network focus on comedies, while MTV and M3 air drama and lifestyle programming. Much and MTV target younger viewers while Comedy and M3 target older audiences. Much and M3 air programming (loosly) related to music, while Comedy and MTV expand on their alternative programming. Genius! ...Though, the execution could have used some work; especially on M3's part.

Still, Comedy Network isn't out of the doghouse just yet, they've only now started to climb back out of their slump. What Bell Media needs to do, now more than ever, is to start investing in more original programming, and stop relying on americian shows to define themselves. That's the primary goal in reinvigorating The Comedy Network.
...Another goal would be making their current logo look more creative...

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