Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Simplistically Stupid.

Nickelodeon's current logo was the first warning. Bell Media's rebranding spree was the second warning. Congrats, Sundance Channel, you just proved that these "simplistic" logos are going to be a problem. Seriously, it looks like they ripped off the logo of Cosmopolitan TV. I don't mind the name change, but was there anything wrong with just getting rid of the box? Forgive me if I sound like a fanboy or snob, but really, I haven't seen worst logos than this.

Just for a second, let's compare Comedy Central's new logo with that of The Comedy Network's current logo. Comedy Central's logo symbolizes the brand's signature comedic style; Comedy Network's logo is just a plain wordmark. Speaking of wordmarks, and in contrast to Comedy, Bravo's logo represents it's own identity from it's former US counterpart; It's smooth, bold, and expressive.

But my point is, if you want to make a logo that looks nice in advertising, that's fine. But you can at least be creative about it.

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