Friday, 21 February 2014

Overlapping Programming & Recycled Shows

Here's something that ticks me off: a network having to use other network's programming to fill their schedules. Three networks broadcasting the same shows; that's so lazy! The primary offenders here are the Shaw Family Conglomerates: Shaw Media & Corus Entertainment. Out of the two, Shaw Media is the biggest offender. From World's Dumbest to Border Security to Disaster DIY to Money Moron, nearly every Shaw Media lifestyle channel feels exactly the same but with a different name. Twist TV easily has the worst of it, it is nothing more than a reality TV dumping ground.

My biggest gripe would have been DTour, a revamp of what used to be TVtropolis before that network started to rot. Before the revamp, TVtropolis was littered with reality and lifestyle shows. After the revamp DTour...spent the holidays airing 007 movies. Let's face it, DTour isn't worth it. I might just let them get away with it on account of the fact that they've played everything from game shows to sitcoms to reality shows. They won't last.

Corus' is a little better. It helps that they only have 3 lifestyle networks, each of them focusing on different topics and genres. For CosmoTV, it's lifestyle programming; for W Network, it's entertainment; for OWN, it's health. At first glance, this trend seems to be limited only to their family networks - YTV & ABC Spark - and only shows that get recycled are AFV, JFL Gags, and Wipeout Canada. But, on close inspection, CMT is the biggest offender here. Their non-music programming is so inconsistent that they have to resort recycling shows from the other networks. Thankfully, they do produce their own programming and they also have a slate of shows that do feel more at home...even Fear Factor.

Maybe it's due to networks like BBC Kids and BiteTV stealing away shows that haven't been seen in years (Being Ian, Mona the Vampire, etc) that this trend is so prominent nowadays. Maybe it's because conglomerates have spread themselves too thin that they've run out of shows to air (I'm looking at you, Nickelodeon). Or maybe, and this is my personal favorite, Canadian networks have spent too much time and money on americian shows that they didn't bother investing in their own programming to fill graveyard slots. Whatever the case, recycled shows are a serious problem that need to be solved as soon as possible.

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