Saturday, 11 January 2014

Reycralibur Retcon [CONTAINS EPISODE 3 SPOILERS!!!]

Finally got a new interface adapter for my hard drive. Which means, I can get back to Reycralibur. But, there's something I have to deal with first. I've been re-watching the first 5 episodes of Reycralibur and can't help but notice some glaring errors in the storyline. The biggest offender is episode 3, which was supposed to explain the backstory of the series. I was hoping to avoid this but, it looks like I have to go back and retcon some crap. That's what I get for writing this story as I went along.

Here's the deal: Reycralibur was discovered by the royal Clairfield family. When news of the mysterious sword's discovery spread, Athena appeared and claimed she was the creator of the sword. She explained that the sword was a powerful magic weapon from ages past. During this time, Clairfield was in the middle of a cold war with Mon Gunzza and Terra. When they heard Clairfield essentially had a WMD, they demanded Clairfield to surrender it to both Mon Gunzza and Terra. When they refused, negotiations broke down and the Triangle War began, which would last for 5 years.

During the war, most of the royal family gets assassinated. In the final moments of the war, with the power of Reycralibur, Athena scattered it's pieces around the world and disappeared. She hoped it would discourage those who would try to use it for evil purposes. But, years later, Alexander de Clairfield, the surviving member of the royal family and now the king of the Clairfield Kingdom, sent the entire world on a scavenger hunt for all three of it's pieces. And it's clear he isn't planning anything good...

And there you have it. First and foremost, this makes the story Ridi told at the end of episode 3 non-canon...mostly. Secondly, and unfortunately, this means I have to go back and remake episode 3 with a new ending at some point. And by "remake," I mean "I'm going to record some new scenes and edit them with existing footage a la Power Rangers." I'm lazy, sue me.

I was hoping to work on episode 11 but, since I haven't even started filming that episode yet (again, sue me), I might as well do that. It's a long shot but, cross your fingers that I finish this remake and the rest of Season 2 before April this year.

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