Thursday, 30 January 2014

Here's MY State of Adress

  1. I had no idea what the word "sultry" meant until it was used to describe the cover art for "Can't Remember to Forget You."
  2. I will not make a joke about Justin Bieber getting arrested because that would be too easy. So if the "Beleibers" are done with their retarded fantasies, this guy needs find some REAL friends to help out of whatever funk he's gotten into. Otherwise, it looks like hate will win this battle. ...GODDA-!
  3. CMT Canada & IFC Canada are the only American-branded channels I can watch that are out of sync with their southern counterparts. Like I said before, there's nothing wrong with being original. Unfortunately, CMT doesn't have that luxury, thanks to past problems. At least, on the music front, it's faring much better than M3.
  4. CityTV has a future with original comedies, BiteTV...not so much...
  5. Slice has acknowledged their decay and are taking action. I keep telling people we have no room for another women's channel. But did anyone listen, noooooooo...
  6. I miss Oreo Cakesters...
  7. I love the 3005 music video and the song that goes with it; it brings me back to 2006. Good Times.
  8. Speed is still in limbo here in Canada. Immigrants rejoice.
  9. I officially hate the term "Polar Vortex" and will use it to piss people off in the future.
  10. I officially love the "Best Song Ever" chorus line and will use it to piss people off in the future.
  11. I'm starting to like FX Canada. Thanks, Seed. Like I said, CityTV has a future with original comedies.
  12. Bell Media has "failed this city"
  13. Teletoon looks more like the equivalent to The Hub Network then it does to Cartoon Network. It helps that limited amount of live-action programming they air is actually good programming...unlike Cartoon Network's. Oh, I didn't mean to include Adult Swim's programming, they're pretty good too. Seriously, if Turner wants to air live-action shows for kids and teenagers, why don't they just create a new network for that instead of trying to decay CN and [as]. I think it's pretty clear their fanbases won't allow them to stumble into that same funk that Nick and Disney Channel are in; especially now that Toonami's back on the air. ...Which brings me to...
  14. Anime. Basic Cable. Canadian television. BRING IT BACK!
  15. They say Beyoncé is old news. Wonder if they said the same about Eminem.
  16. I'm starting to like SonReal. Really, we might be going somewhere with Canadian talent these days. Even Lights is starting to make a comeback. Let's hope they don't drop the ball like you-know-who did. ...*sigh* I wish I was talking about Bieber.
  17. One of the benefits to the Canadian feed of BET; old music videos replace shows that were already airing in the States on other networks. We don't have to pay money for MuchVibe for classic music. ...But I should still look into getting MuchVibe.
  18. Dan Signer is going places. He's not as good as Dan Schneider or Scott Fellows, but he's a HELL of a lot better than most of the idiots creating kidcoms nowadays. 
  19. $20 says ZippCast is going to drop the ball again. See you in October.
  20. I'm never gonna get famous on YouTube.
  21. I still love eating Brownies.

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