Thursday, 30 January 2014

Here's MY State of Adress

  1. I had no idea what the word "sultry" meant until it was used to describe the cover art for "Can't Remember to Forget You."
  2. I will not make a joke about Justin Bieber getting arrested because that would be too easy. So if the "Beleibers" are done with their retarded fantasies, this guy needs find some REAL friends to help out of whatever funk he's gotten into. Otherwise, it looks like hate will win this battle. ...GODDA-!
  3. CMT Canada & IFC Canada are the only American-branded channels I can watch that are out of sync with their southern counterparts. Like I said before, there's nothing wrong with being original. Unfortunately, CMT doesn't have that luxury, thanks to past problems. At least, on the music front, it's faring much better than M3.
  4. CityTV has a future with original comedies, BiteTV...not so much...
  5. Slice has acknowledged their decay and are taking action. I keep telling people we have no room for another women's channel. But did anyone listen, noooooooo...
  6. I miss Oreo Cakesters...
  7. I love the 3005 music video and the song that goes with it; it brings me back to 2006. Good Times.
  8. Speed is still in limbo here in Canada. Immigrants rejoice.
  9. I officially hate the term "Polar Vortex" and will use it to piss people off in the future.
  10. I officially love the "Best Song Ever" chorus line and will use it to piss people off in the future.
  11. I'm starting to like FX Canada. Thanks, Seed. Like I said, CityTV has a future with original comedies.
  12. Bell Media has "failed this city"
  13. Teletoon looks more like the equivalent to The Hub Network then it does to Cartoon Network. It helps that limited amount of live-action programming they air is actually good programming...unlike Cartoon Network's. Oh, I didn't mean to include Adult Swim's programming, they're pretty good too. Seriously, if Turner wants to air live-action shows for kids and teenagers, why don't they just create a new network for that instead of trying to decay CN and [as]. I think it's pretty clear their fanbases won't allow them to stumble into that same funk that Nick and Disney Channel are in; especially now that Toonami's back on the air. ...Which brings me to...
  14. Anime. Basic Cable. Canadian television. BRING IT BACK!
  15. They say Beyoncé is old news. Wonder if they said the same about Eminem.
  16. I'm starting to like SonReal. Really, we might be going somewhere with Canadian talent these days. Even Lights is starting to make a comeback. Let's hope they don't drop the ball like you-know-who did. ...*sigh* I wish I was talking about Bieber.
  17. One of the benefits to the Canadian feed of BET; old music videos replace shows that were already airing in the States on other networks. We don't have to pay money for MuchVibe for classic music. ...But I should still look into getting MuchVibe.
  18. Dan Signer is going places. He's not as good as Dan Schneider or Scott Fellows, but he's a HELL of a lot better than most of the idiots creating kidcoms nowadays. 
  19. $20 says ZippCast is going to drop the ball again. See you in October.
  20. I'm never gonna get famous on YouTube.
  21. I still love eating Brownies.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Black Month Indeed. [YTV Bionix and other genres]

February is an interesting month for three reasons: the first reason is that it's Black History Month, the second reason is that this was the month that Bionix was taken off YTV, and the third reason...I'd rather not say.

So, since it's BHM, let's talk black shows. If it wasn't for BET and Peachtree TV, we'd never be able to see any quality programming that Black Canadians can enjoy. WPCH is the only station available in Canada that syndicates black-centric shows and ever since BET revived The Game (embarrassing The CW in the process) their original programming slate has moved towards more scripted programming; which I can definitely vouch for.

Now imagine what would happen if BET stuck to reality shows and TBS didn't branch off onto cable? For Americans, it won't mean much; for Canadians, life would suck just a little bit more. Unless were talking Chris Rock, Bill Cosby or a the star of a kidcom, shows featuring black stars or a predominate black cast wouldn't even be given the time of day. You'd think the Canadian version of OWN would premiere The Haves and the Have Nots by now but, no, of course not. And what a coincidence, guess who owns the Canadian OWN? Not Bell Media, but Corus Entertainment; the same company who owns, that's right, YTV. 

Now, I don't have to remind you about Bionix's fate, quoting TV Tropes, YTV screwed it over so bad, it made what happened to Toonami look minor in comparison. No new shows, a shorter run time, and two shows, Naruto and Bleach, that were stuck in limbo: no Shippuden and no Arrancar Saga. Though, in the case of Shippuden, it would have ended up on Family Channel, if Family was stupid enough to air a show that was clearly not intended for children that is. Ironically, the Canadian version of Jetix (which replaced Power Box), which also airs on Family, was also being phased out around this time.

When Bionix ended it left a void in Canada's anime community. Sure, YTV was still acquiring anime titles, as they have done in the past, but only ones that were aimed at children. Mature-themed anime, to my knowledge, gets no air time anywhere in Canada, at least not on basic cable. To be fair, like music videos, new anime titles can be found via the internet. Websites like Crunchyroll premiere brand-new shows for fans to watch, without having to wait for the english dub and, chances are, it's going to air uncut. That's fine..., but that still doesn't explain why specialty channels are restricting themselves to children's anime. 

At this point, I've come to the conclusion that the Canadian television industry just doesn't care about anime or niche programming. This is an era where niche networks - like OLN, G4, and Much - and their shows are being homogenized to cater to people who normally wouldn't give a crap. Instead of action shows, we get dramas; instead of anime, we get reality shows. There's a good reason why so many people wanted Toonami back, it's because they got tired of seeing the same crap over and over again..., and because the Cartoon Network manchi-I MEAN fanboys just couldn't accept change.

Nonetheless, if "change" means I give up the diverse programming I like for whatever show my mom or sister likes, then I'd rather "change" the channel.

Friday, 17 January 2014

We May Have a Problem. [Vortexx on The CW]

One of the reasons why programming blocks flop was because they failed to refresh their lineup and had to resort to recycling the same shows over and over again. That's what's happening to Vortexx. The Spectacular Spider-Man, B-Daman Crossfire, and Dragon Ball Kai might be in the clear, but Justice League Unlimited, Bolts & Blip, and especially Sonic X have warn out their welcome. It's time for some more fresher material. Thing is, they had fresh material in the form of Iron Man Armored Adventures, Transformers Prime, and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. But they took them off the schedule before they could finish their runs. That was their first mistake.

Second mistake: Pushing Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal to the end of the block just so they can air a full hour of Sonic X. ...'Nuff Said, unless I'm not seeing the big picture. After all, merchandise sales play a big role in the cartoon business nowadays. You can create (or dub) an animated show that makes the average drama look like a kidcom (for example, any action show on Cartoon Network or Disney XD)...only for it to get cancelled simply because it didn't sell enough toys. If one hour of Yu-Gi-Oh! is the last thing children see, then Yu-Gi-Oh! will be the first thing they think of when they go to the toy section. Guess what's going to be sold out by Sunday.

That's fine, but that doesn't solve the first problem. During the time between Digimon's debut and Sendokai's debut, whenever that is, Vortexx needs to find some more new shows to air, or at least some older shows that haven't been given enough screen time.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Family Channel to be owned by DHX Media: More Thoughts?

Let's be blunt, Family Channel is just as bad as Disney Channel is. Back when I was a boy, Family catered to more wider audience. They aired preschool programming during the day, kid shows in the afternoon, and ACTUAL family-oriented shows in the evenings. Nowadays, it's tween-trash central: a couple of family-friendly shows and movies and a handful of animated shows intermixed with a collection of uninspired kidcoms.
Even their own original programming was affected by this; for every smash-hit like Life with Derek, we get copypasta like Really Me. I would suspect that the only reason why The Next Step was produced was because Family got the message that they should leave the kid-pandering crap to YTV, but the rest of the channel is still unwatchable; your guess is as good as mine.

Let's keep in mind that Family Channel is a premium service - like The Movie Network, Movie Central and Super Channel - and Disney Channel also evolved in similar fashion. Sadly, this shameless trend is the norm for kids networks, especially those who can't or won't use traditional advertising. "Target the tweens and leave the kiddies (and their families) in the dust." Really, a nationalist would have blamed Disney Channel for the reason why Family sucks because, as long as they're the only place in Canada to watch Disney Channel shows, Family Channel is in the clear.

What makes me exited of the acquisition by DHX Media in this article, was the following quotes: “The hope is that it will become a more Canadian channel, more Canadian programming, that is our general ambition. If we can increase that, I would personally feel that it’s accomplished something. What I would like is for the animation industry in Canada, which truly is a world leader, to be more recognized as such; and for Canadians to realize that there is this creative industry in this area of animation,”

That's what I'm talking about. Family Channel can still broadcast Disney Channel shows but, if Disney isn't going to step up with it's original content, Family should. Adding more canadian programming should be a top priority when it comes to turning Family around, and DHX is a player when it comes to cancon. Just to name a few of my favorites: Rainbow Fish, King, The Save-Ums and The Adventures of Paddington Bear. You know what else would help turn things around? Some ACTUAL family-oriented shows. Not family-friendly, family-oriented. Family should take notes from Good Luck, Charlie (and maybe Dog with a Blog) the next time they decided to spend $200 making another kidcom. ...And before you bring it up, ABC Family is stuck with the name; they would have changed it a long time ago if ABC Spark was any indication.

So, here's to hoping DHX Media will breathe new life into the ironically-named Family Channel.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Reycralibur Retcon [CONTAINS EPISODE 3 SPOILERS!!!]

Finally got a new interface adapter for my hard drive. Which means, I can get back to Reycralibur. But, there's something I have to deal with first. I've been re-watching the first 5 episodes of Reycralibur and can't help but notice some glaring errors in the storyline. The biggest offender is episode 3, which was supposed to explain the backstory of the series. I was hoping to avoid this but, it looks like I have to go back and retcon some crap. That's what I get for writing this story as I went along.

Here's the deal: Reycralibur was discovered by the royal Clairfield family. When news of the mysterious sword's discovery spread, Athena appeared and claimed she was the creator of the sword. She explained that the sword was a powerful magic weapon from ages past. During this time, Clairfield was in the middle of a cold war with Mon Gunzza and Terra. When they heard Clairfield essentially had a WMD, they demanded Clairfield to surrender it to both Mon Gunzza and Terra. When they refused, negotiations broke down and the Triangle War began, which would last for 5 years.

During the war, most of the royal family gets assassinated. In the final moments of the war, with the power of Reycralibur, Athena scattered it's pieces around the world and disappeared. She hoped it would discourage those who would try to use it for evil purposes. But, years later, Alexander de Clairfield, the surviving member of the royal family and now the king of the Clairfield Kingdom, sent the entire world on a scavenger hunt for all three of it's pieces. And it's clear he isn't planning anything good...

And there you have it. First and foremost, this makes the story Ridi told at the end of episode 3 non-canon...mostly. Secondly, and unfortunately, this means I have to go back and remake episode 3 with a new ending at some point. And by "remake," I mean "I'm going to record some new scenes and edit them with existing footage a la Power Rangers." I'm lazy, sue me.

I was hoping to work on episode 11 but, since I haven't even started filming that episode yet (again, sue me), I might as well do that. It's a long shot but, cross your fingers that I finish this remake and the rest of Season 2 before April this year.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Marooned for the New Year

Over the winter holiday I broke the adapter for my portable hard drive. Until I get it fixed, I can't access any of my files: no machinima, no parodies, almost nothing. So, The Abridged Knights of Brawl finale will be delayed for a while as will production on Reycralibur, episode 11. That doesn't rule out the possibility of making new videos and saving them to my computer however.

My new year's resolution is to finish Reycralibur as well as be a bit more "socialy active"; online and IRL. I know it's a stupid waste of a resolution, but my real life isn't really going anywhere. In the meantime, while I can't work on anything major, I will be uploading more videos to both my Dailymotion and YouTube accounts to prevent inactivity.

...*sigh* and maybe ZippCast if it's coming back, but that's a HUGE maybe.