Monday, 23 December 2013

Watching MTV2

MTV is no longer a music channel, it's a teen lifestyle channel; music is just part of the experience. So what does that make MTV2, the male-oriented "brother" network? Obviously, it's not a music network either. The short version would be that it's the older guy's version of MTV, right down to the crappy timeslot for music-videos.

To be analytical, the main difference (aside from being aimed at guys) is that MTV2's programming is influenced by hip-hop music and the people who listen to it, while MTV is all about mainstream music and the teenage girls who listen to that. However, the only original shows on MTV2 that are music-related are Hip-Hop Squares and the revived Wild N' Out. Everything else is tailor made for the guys, just like flagship show Guy Code. Another difference between MTV2 and MTV is that MTV's schedule largely consists of original programing while MTV2 incorporates reruns of the more male-oriented shows from MTV (like Ridiculousness) and even syndicated programming like The Wayans Bros, Smart Guy and Boy Meets World.

Have you ever noticed that the time these "music" networks spent playing irrelevant fare could have been spent playing more music videos or music-related shows (We're looking at you, Much)? Yes, Vevo is a preferred alternative to just waiting for your favorite music videos to play; I get it. But Netflix is a preferred alternative for those who don't want to wait for their basic cable movie network to play their favorite movie. Yet, while they do broadcast a television series or two, most movie networks are still predominately broadcasting movies. Why? Because that's why people tune-in to them in the first place!

Now, If I was running MTV2, I would extend the MTV2 Jams/Morning Music Buzz (Yeah, not feeling "AMTV2") block to encompass at least the entire morning. If it means I'll have to take Family Matters off the air, so be it. I would also put some emphasis on rock music and add more rock music videos to the rotation on top of rock-music related shows. I mean, seriously, Viacom got rid of MTVX because they thought people wanted more hip-hop and rap music. That's fine, but now you have BET Hip-Hop & MTV Jams. You think that's enough hip-hop-oriented channels, Viacom?! At least Much gives a crap about rock music, that's why they still have a rock-oriented channel.

I did check out MTV2 Jams. While waking up at 4AM to watch hip-hop was as stupid as it sounded like, it was nice to see some different music, or rather different programming, for a change. I found it ironic that during the Morning Music Buzz block, they wanted me to "join the conversation" with the #‎mtv2musicmix‬. I know I'm an Early Bird,

but who would wake up that early to see a music video with two girls playing old school video games? ...Don't ask. It's just further proof that these people are absolutely clueless to how things work.

For whatever faults MTV2 has, it's definitely become one of my favorite american networks to watch; It's way better than the canadian version. I know I say that a lot, but it's only because it's true.
...It was the music video to Back 2 Ballin. You're welcome.

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