Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Story of Nintendo's Heel-Turn

It was a name that defined the term "underdog", someone who against all odds would find a way to make ends meet. For that the he was a fan-favorite, and for a time, a gentle giant. Nowadays he represents everything that's wrong with the industry... But enough about John Cena's career, let's talk Nintendo.

It was gaming's ultimate heel-turn, when Nintendo started taking revenue from LPers on YouTube. Forgetting about the wannabes making money out of playing a fricking video game, ANY partner who uses footage from a nintendo-made video game won't receive revenue because of it. This paints an image into the minds of all of the fanboys that Nintendo is becoming just as bad as the other companies out there. ...I'm looking at you, Activision.

Anyway, who can blame Nintendo? It's obvious that they're doing this because they're losing revenue; revenue which would have been theirs if the Wii wasn't such a failure. What? I know this from experience. The Wii was aimed at the same casual audience Nintendo was targeting since the NES days. The problem is, the demographic for games has shifted from kids to brain-damaged teenagers. Yet, Nintendo still focused on Casuals and left the Hardcore crowd to either bite the dust or get drunk and delude themselves into thinking Super Smash Bros. is a hardcore fighting game. In other words, and I hate to be blunt, Nintendo is *sigh* a kiddy company!

The Xbox 360 and the Playstaion 3 were merely targeting the current demographic, the ones who grew up on Mario, but no longer eat ice cream for breakfast. That's why Sony and Microsoft are paying bills and Nintendo is left to wonder the same desolate alleyways partners came from. Naturally, for their next console, Nintendo needed to make a more powerful machine, and they did...untill the Playstation 4 and Xbox One arrived.

The new console was on-par with the other seventh-gen consoles. Not only could it play Ninja Gaiden 3, it can produce a more superior version of that game in Razer's Edge. But when it came to games like Battlefield, now running on the Frostbite engine, it was out of it's league. I was gonna say they shouldn't have called it the "Wii U", but now the name seems more fitting. Just like the Wii, it was last-gen machine marketed to current-gen gamers. Sales dropped, and, once again, Nintendo looked Nick Jr. trying to appeal to an older demographic. ...OK, That was terrible joke.

So what do you do when your losing money and no one wants to buy your stuff? Simple, you play by the other companies' rules. Instead of simply trying to appeal to an older demographic, Nintendo is simply gonna piss off their fanbase just to make a profit. It was either that or going the way of Sega.

Now if you want my opinion, if I was still interested in LPing and if my youtube channel wasn't in the red, I'd still play a Nintendo game. Not because of the money, but because I like playing Nintendo games. For them to stop playing Nintendo games simply because they won't get paid, I personally think all the other LPers are just full of jokes, if not shit. Nonetheless, what Nintendo is doing right now, from the Wii brand to the "War on YouTube", is, not a major step backwards, but a major jog backwards. Even if Nintendo doesn't want to hang up the joystick, I fear it's only a matter of time before they do.

You wanna try to screw over the YT gaming community? Good Luck. YouTubers are like cockroaches; you can squish them, but they Just. Won't. Stop.

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