Saturday, 21 December 2013

Poor TNA...

"On October 24, 2013, TNA announced they will be returning to Universal Studios on November 21, 2013 due to recent poor TV taping attendance and high cost of production on the road. Impact Tapings will be filmed from Soundstage 19. There still will be “select” tapings on the road from time to time. TNA also announced a new 24/7 programming initiative that will follow TNA superstars 24/7 day ."

So much for TNA making a profit. At least they had the right idea cutting back on PPV shows. Maybe for next year, they'll stick to the big four shows (Bound for Glory, Slammiversary, Destination X, Lockdown) for PPV events. Of course, that won't get TNA a bigger audience. In order for them to do that, they NEED to be more innovative and stop doing what the other guys are doing. It's time for them to stop being "WWE Lite" and truly become the successor to WCW everyone says they are.

You can start by laying off the invasion angles. Between the Nexus, S.C.U.M, Aces&Eights, the Coalition, and the BDK, we've had way, way, WAY more than enough of them to last an era.

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