Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's Talk Drama

I don't like drama shows; I prefer more action-oriented shows. Which means, in this modern television world, I'm more prone to watching anime, "mature" children's cartoons (like Young Justice), or live-action shows for Power Rangers. Being half-hour fare, they get right to the point and don't waste time on crap like romance. The only dramas I've bothered giving a crap about was Spartacus, which was everything I could ever want in a one-hour show, and The Game, which went from CW sitcom to BET's flagship dramedy.

But then, I checked out A&E's Longmire; I saw the season finale last year but I didn't expect to get renewed or grab such high ratings. After all, knowing these americian networks, quality always takes a back seat to ratings. So, before season two began, I watched the entire series from the beginning...and I think you can guess what happened next. I enjoyed it.

What I love about the show was, the standard crime-drama fare takes a back seat to the interesting characters and their own personal stories. I think that's the reason why people love drama shows so much; It's certainly more entertaining then the reality shows I've been watching up until now. With a renewed intrest in dramas, I started checking out some of the shows I've been missing out on for the past decade, like Supernatural and Buffy. Supporting cancon, I also checked out CBC's comedy-drama: Republic of Doyle, and OH YEAH, was it good. Good thing too, it looks like the show is at the halfway point, and I fear the CBC won't be around much longer.

Another show I checked out over the summer was MTV's Teen Wolf. Seeing as it aired on Much, which back then was more focused on teen dramas and reality shows then comedy & music, I saw it as nothing more than an attempt to cash in on The Vampire Diaries' success; which in turn was cashing in on Twilight's success. But then again, this is the network that brought us household names like Jackass & Beavis and Butt-Head and it was inspired by Buffy. Plus, it's a show about werewolves, which I haven't seen since Big Wolf on Campus.

Turns out, Teen Wolf is a horror-comedy drama, or horror-dramedy. That means thrills, laughs, and a bit of action. But, being a show for teenage girls, the predicable relationship drama takes center stage and the serialized format does not help. But, looking past all that crap, the show is very addicting; another reason why dramas are so popular. It's like it gets better and better with every season. Ridiculousness, I love ya, but this might be the only other reason why I bother watching MTV from now on. Other than that, I'd rather watch MTV2; not the canadian version, of course.

So yeah, I like dramas now, but that doesn't mean I don't wish action-oriented fare like The A-Team was the norm. But hey, that's what anime is for. Besides, with Breaking Bad becoming one of the greatest shows of all time, It's going to be a LONG time before we get more high-octane live-action programming. ...That reminds me, I'll need to watch Breaking Bad sometime.

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