Thursday, 12 December 2013

From an Outsider's Persepctive: MTV2

You know MTV2 is kinda like a cooler older brother to MTV, emphasis on cooler, but I see it more as a little brother to Spike. Think about it: MTV2 is all about the guys, Spike is all about men. Seriously, MTV2's new graphic package looks like a twerked tweaked version of Spike's old graphics. (
It makes you wonder, why the hell didn't VGX and Blue Mountain State, being more catered to young adults, move to MTV2? Was it because they feared it would cut into the MTV's imaginary commitment to music-related shows? Surprisingly, and maybe because they care more about hip-hop than rock, some of MTV2's newer shows do have something to do with music; on the same level as how some of History's shows have something to do with actual history.

That's the thing about Viacom Networks: they have the right ideas, but use them in the wrong ways.

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