Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Facebook. Across the Border.

The more I watch IFC, the more I hate Shaw Media for slapping it's name on a generic movie channel. They don't even play their original shows! Wanna know where Out There and Comedy Bang! Bang! ended up? MUCH!
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33 minutes ago
No matter what direction G4 takes, I think a refresh is in order. New graphics, new logo (new name?), and new shows. That's what G4TV Canada needs right now.

54 minutes ago
#MTV2MusicMix Oh look, a Riri and MNM video. Oh Never mind, it's Queens of the Stone age!

#mtv2musicmix Why don't you guys play more rock music videos? Better question, why don't you play more music period? It's better than Family Matters reruns.

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