Saturday, 21 December 2013

Corus will fully own Teletoon by the end of 2013. Thoughts?

Teletoon, like animation itself, isn't just for kids anymore. They may have been part-owners, but technically it's the only youth network in Corus' portfolio that caters to young adults such as myself. If the CRTC wants Teletoon's programming to not overlap with YTV and Treehouse, then Corus needs to puts just as much focus on that demographic as they did for children. That means, they need to find more shows for Teletoon at Night to broadcast since all the Adult Swim shows have moved to the canadian version.

Lucky for them, FX is rolling out a new animated series, Chozen, though a have a feeling this will be a bigger flop than Allen Gregory. They could also air reruns of IFC's Out There. When ABC Spark reran The Nine Lives of Chloe King, it got so popular, fans were treated to a look at the resolution to it's cliffhanger ending. It's nothing like what happened to Johnny Test, but it's still something, and I think the same might happen to Out There if the show gets enough attention. Don't forget, The Boondocks is supposed to return for a forth season in 2014. Teletoon brought back Family Guy, they NEED to do the same to this show.

Speaking of mature animation, since YTV is now family-friendly, it seems more and more unlikely Bionix will make a comeback. If Corus were able to afford more mature anime series, Teletoon at Night would be the likely candidate to broadcast them. Besides, they did co-produce Spider Riders and Bakugan. Of course, in that sense, it's more likely that Teletoon will stick to children-oriented anime such as Tenkai Knights.

My point is, Teletoon is right up there with Cartoon Network and The Hub. Like CN, they prove that animation isn't just for kids. Like Hub, they aren't just a kiddie network, they can be a network that the whole family can enjoy without restricting themselves to family-friendly crap. That's what Corus needs to consider once they take control of the Unreal station.

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