Sunday, 29 December 2013

The End of an Teen Pop. Thoughts?

He's got a point. The media should have focused on someone who actually DESERVES attention; they should have found someone else to bother once he started looking like a Jersey Shore reject. Then again, nothing sells papers like seeing a former teen pop sensation act like a total prick.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Facebook. Across the Border.

The more I watch IFC, the more I hate Shaw Media for slapping it's name on a generic movie channel. They don't even play their original shows! Wanna know where Out There and Comedy Bang! Bang! ended up? MUCH!
about a minute ago

33 minutes ago
No matter what direction G4 takes, I think a refresh is in order. New graphics, new logo (new name?), and new shows. That's what G4TV Canada needs right now.

54 minutes ago
#MTV2MusicMix Oh look, a Riri and MNM video. Oh Never mind, it's Queens of the Stone age!

#mtv2musicmix Why don't you guys play more rock music videos? Better question, why don't you play more music period? It's better than Family Matters reruns.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Watching MTV2

MTV is no longer a music channel, it's a teen lifestyle channel; music is just part of the experience. So what does that make MTV2, the male-oriented "brother" network? Obviously, it's not a music network either. The short version would be that it's the older guy's version of MTV, right down to the crappy timeslot for music-videos.

To be analytical, the main difference (aside from being aimed at guys) is that MTV2's programming is influenced by hip-hop music and the people who listen to it, while MTV is all about mainstream music and the teenage girls who listen to that. However, the only original shows on MTV2 that are music-related are Hip-Hop Squares and the revived Wild N' Out. Everything else is tailor made for the guys, just like flagship show Guy Code. Another difference between MTV2 and MTV is that MTV's schedule largely consists of original programing while MTV2 incorporates reruns of the more male-oriented shows from MTV (like Ridiculousness) and even syndicated programming like The Wayans Bros, Smart Guy and Boy Meets World.

Have you ever noticed that the time these "music" networks spent playing irrelevant fare could have been spent playing more music videos or music-related shows (We're looking at you, Much)? Yes, Vevo is a preferred alternative to just waiting for your favorite music videos to play; I get it. But Netflix is a preferred alternative for those who don't want to wait for their basic cable movie network to play their favorite movie. Yet, while they do broadcast a television series or two, most movie networks are still predominately broadcasting movies. Why? Because that's why people tune-in to them in the first place!

Now, If I was running MTV2, I would extend the MTV2 Jams/Morning Music Buzz (Yeah, not feeling "AMTV2") block to encompass at least the entire morning. If it means I'll have to take Family Matters off the air, so be it. I would also put some emphasis on rock music and add more rock music videos to the rotation on top of rock-music related shows. I mean, seriously, Viacom got rid of MTVX because they thought people wanted more hip-hop and rap music. That's fine, but now you have BET Hip-Hop & MTV Jams. You think that's enough hip-hop-oriented channels, Viacom?! At least Much gives a crap about rock music, that's why they still have a rock-oriented channel.

I did check out MTV2 Jams. While waking up at 4AM to watch hip-hop was as stupid as it sounded like, it was nice to see some different music, or rather different programming, for a change. I found it ironic that during the Morning Music Buzz block, they wanted me to "join the conversation" with the #‎mtv2musicmix‬. I know I'm an Early Bird,

but who would wake up that early to see a music video with two girls playing old school video games? ...Don't ask. It's just further proof that these people are absolutely clueless to how things work.

For whatever faults MTV2 has, it's definitely become one of my favorite american networks to watch; It's way better than the canadian version. I know I say that a lot, but it's only because it's true.
...It was the music video to Back 2 Ballin. You're welcome.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Movies & Music Channels: How to Survive Channel Drift.

Movie channels and music channels are both in the same boat. For basic cable movie channels, services like Netflix -  which allows you to watch your favorite movies in a click of a button - have made them near obsolete. For Music channels, services like Vevo -  which allows you to watch your favorite music videos in...well, you know what I mean. So now the challenge is to find something other than just movies and music to give to their audience.

In addition to original programming, Corus' CMT added family-oriented programming to the evenings. That would be fine... if YTV wasn't broadcasting the same syndicated shows or if the other shows weren't neither country-music related (Undercover Boss Canada) nor family friendly (Fear Factor). Good thing they still broadcast more music videos then their americian counterpart.
After re-branding to M3, the channel formerly known as MuchMore began adding more scripted dramas and sitcoms alongside reality shows and on top of music programming. It was the perfect way to refresh an ailing spinoff network but I fear Canada doesn't have an outlet for adult contemporary music anymore. It really should have been MTV2 that got this treatment.

That brings me to MuchMusic. On the plus side, they got rid of the teen dramas and reality shows and replaced them with comedy shows. It sounds like shark-jumping bullshit, but in an era where niche programming like anime and black shows take a back seat to dramas and reality shows - in an era where television is pandering to women and brainwashed teen pop fangirls, it's sigh of fresh air to see something different.
However, now's the time for Much to put more focus on actual music-related programming. According to the "Much MTV Comedy Networks" (Worst. Name. Ever.), Much is now "the go-to channel for all things pop culture." So a perfect blend of mainstream music and topical comedy shows will help reflect that as well re-define itself from the MTV-copycat network they were before. Besides, if Bell Media thinks they can make MuchMusic focus on something other than music, they got another thing coming!

On the movie front, things are much more brighter. Each network has a defined genre that doesn't overlap with each other. Movietime shows contemporary films, Rewind shows old school films and The Cult Movie Network shows...well, take a guess. In my opinion, Action turned out better than the rest. They went from being a spin-off of Showcase to one of Canada's only male-oriented entertainment networks (the other being OLN).

The key to surviving channel drift is to forget the ratings, forget the demographics, and just do what you were supposed to do and expand on it. The only time when you should care about ratings is when no one is watching your channel; the only time when your supposed to care about demographics is when you forget who your original audience is. That's the lesson to learn from all this.

...But Seriously, they should have rebranded MTV2!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Corus will fully own Teletoon by the end of 2013. Thoughts?

Teletoon, like animation itself, isn't just for kids anymore. They may have been part-owners, but technically it's the only youth network in Corus' portfolio that caters to young adults such as myself. If the CRTC wants Teletoon's programming to not overlap with YTV and Treehouse, then Corus needs to puts just as much focus on that demographic as they did for children. That means, they need to find more shows for Teletoon at Night to broadcast since all the Adult Swim shows have moved to the canadian version.

Lucky for them, FX is rolling out a new animated series, Chozen, though a have a feeling this will be a bigger flop than Allen Gregory. They could also air reruns of IFC's Out There. When ABC Spark reran The Nine Lives of Chloe King, it got so popular, fans were treated to a look at the resolution to it's cliffhanger ending. It's nothing like what happened to Johnny Test, but it's still something, and I think the same might happen to Out There if the show gets enough attention. Don't forget, The Boondocks is supposed to return for a forth season in 2014. Teletoon brought back Family Guy, they NEED to do the same to this show.

Speaking of mature animation, since YTV is now family-friendly, it seems more and more unlikely Bionix will make a comeback. If Corus were able to afford more mature anime series, Teletoon at Night would be the likely candidate to broadcast them. Besides, they did co-produce Spider Riders and Bakugan. Of course, in that sense, it's more likely that Teletoon will stick to children-oriented anime such as Tenkai Knights.

My point is, Teletoon is right up there with Cartoon Network and The Hub. Like CN, they prove that animation isn't just for kids. Like Hub, they aren't just a kiddie network, they can be a network that the whole family can enjoy without restricting themselves to family-friendly crap. That's what Corus needs to consider once they take control of the Unreal station.

Poor TNA...

"On October 24, 2013, TNA announced they will be returning to Universal Studios on November 21, 2013 due to recent poor TV taping attendance and high cost of production on the road. Impact Tapings will be filmed from Soundstage 19. There still will be “select” tapings on the road from time to time. TNA also announced a new 24/7 programming initiative that will follow TNA superstars 24/7 day ."

So much for TNA making a profit. At least they had the right idea cutting back on PPV shows. Maybe for next year, they'll stick to the big four shows (Bound for Glory, Slammiversary, Destination X, Lockdown) for PPV events. Of course, that won't get TNA a bigger audience. In order for them to do that, they NEED to be more innovative and stop doing what the other guys are doing. It's time for them to stop being "WWE Lite" and truly become the successor to WCW everyone says they are.

You can start by laying off the invasion angles. Between the Nexus, S.C.U.M, Aces&Eights, the Coalition, and the BDK, we've had way, way, WAY more than enough of them to last an era.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

From an Outsider's Persepctive: MTV2

You know MTV2 is kinda like a cooler older brother to MTV, emphasis on cooler, but I see it more as a little brother to Spike. Think about it: MTV2 is all about the guys, Spike is all about men. Seriously, MTV2's new graphic package looks like a twerked tweaked version of Spike's old graphics. (
It makes you wonder, why the hell didn't VGX and Blue Mountain State, being more catered to young adults, move to MTV2? Was it because they feared it would cut into the MTV's imaginary commitment to music-related shows? Surprisingly, and maybe because they care more about hip-hop than rock, some of MTV2's newer shows do have something to do with music; on the same level as how some of History's shows have something to do with actual history.

That's the thing about Viacom Networks: they have the right ideas, but use them in the wrong ways.

Monday, 9 December 2013

I've been a bit preoccupied

For the past two weekends I attempted to record some footage of me playing Saints Row IV. In both cases, I ran into some technical difficulties. That's when I asked myself, why am I doing this? Isn't there something else I should be doing right now? Something I like doing and can do with no problems. Yes, there is. I should be working more on Reycralibur and other machinima vids. I should be making more videos about things I've seen and portray them in a child-like fashion like I always do. Instead, I'm trying to do too many things at once again.

So, I've decided to cancel Ringside and stop making commentary videos. I'm just gonna stick to what I'm good at: dark comedy. Pitch black comedy. Comedy so black, it's not even comedy. ...and machinima vids. This doesn't mean I won't stop uploading or making gameplay videos, I'm just focusing more on what I want to do. Then I realized, I'm still in school at the moment but, in less than two weeks from now, I'll be out for the Holidays. So, tell ya what, I'll stick to doing what I do best ( and, in the new year, I'll get back to more machinima videos.

Sounds Cool? Don't Care. I'm doing it.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Story of Nintendo's Heel-Turn

It was a name that defined the term "underdog", someone who against all odds would find a way to make ends meet. For that the he was a fan-favorite, and for a time, a gentle giant. Nowadays he represents everything that's wrong with the industry... But enough about John Cena's career, let's talk Nintendo.

It was gaming's ultimate heel-turn, when Nintendo started taking revenue from LPers on YouTube. Forgetting about the wannabes making money out of playing a fricking video game, ANY partner who uses footage from a nintendo-made video game won't receive revenue because of it. This paints an image into the minds of all of the fanboys that Nintendo is becoming just as bad as the other companies out there. ...I'm looking at you, Activision.

Anyway, who can blame Nintendo? It's obvious that they're doing this because they're losing revenue; revenue which would have been theirs if the Wii wasn't such a failure. What? I know this from experience. The Wii was aimed at the same casual audience Nintendo was targeting since the NES days. The problem is, the demographic for games has shifted from kids to brain-damaged teenagers. Yet, Nintendo still focused on Casuals and left the Hardcore crowd to either bite the dust or get drunk and delude themselves into thinking Super Smash Bros. is a hardcore fighting game. In other words, and I hate to be blunt, Nintendo is *sigh* a kiddy company!

The Xbox 360 and the Playstaion 3 were merely targeting the current demographic, the ones who grew up on Mario, but no longer eat ice cream for breakfast. That's why Sony and Microsoft are paying bills and Nintendo is left to wonder the same desolate alleyways partners came from. Naturally, for their next console, Nintendo needed to make a more powerful machine, and they did...untill the Playstation 4 and Xbox One arrived.

The new console was on-par with the other seventh-gen consoles. Not only could it play Ninja Gaiden 3, it can produce a more superior version of that game in Razer's Edge. But when it came to games like Battlefield, now running on the Frostbite engine, it was out of it's league. I was gonna say they shouldn't have called it the "Wii U", but now the name seems more fitting. Just like the Wii, it was last-gen machine marketed to current-gen gamers. Sales dropped, and, once again, Nintendo looked Nick Jr. trying to appeal to an older demographic. ...OK, That was terrible joke.

So what do you do when your losing money and no one wants to buy your stuff? Simple, you play by the other companies' rules. Instead of simply trying to appeal to an older demographic, Nintendo is simply gonna piss off their fanbase just to make a profit. It was either that or going the way of Sega.

Now if you want my opinion, if I was still interested in LPing and if my youtube channel wasn't in the red, I'd still play a Nintendo game. Not because of the money, but because I like playing Nintendo games. For them to stop playing Nintendo games simply because they won't get paid, I personally think all the other LPers are just full of jokes, if not shit. Nonetheless, what Nintendo is doing right now, from the Wii brand to the "War on YouTube", is, not a major step backwards, but a major jog backwards. Even if Nintendo doesn't want to hang up the joystick, I fear it's only a matter of time before they do.

You wanna try to screw over the YT gaming community? Good Luck. YouTubers are like cockroaches; you can squish them, but they Just. Won't. Stop.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's Talk Drama

I don't like drama shows; I prefer more action-oriented shows. Which means, in this modern television world, I'm more prone to watching anime, "mature" children's cartoons (like Young Justice), or live-action shows for Power Rangers. Being half-hour fare, they get right to the point and don't waste time on crap like romance. The only dramas I've bothered giving a crap about was Spartacus, which was everything I could ever want in a one-hour show, and The Game, which went from CW sitcom to BET's flagship dramedy.

But then, I checked out A&E's Longmire; I saw the season finale last year but I didn't expect to get renewed or grab such high ratings. After all, knowing these americian networks, quality always takes a back seat to ratings. So, before season two began, I watched the entire series from the beginning...and I think you can guess what happened next. I enjoyed it.

What I love about the show was, the standard crime-drama fare takes a back seat to the interesting characters and their own personal stories. I think that's the reason why people love drama shows so much; It's certainly more entertaining then the reality shows I've been watching up until now. With a renewed intrest in dramas, I started checking out some of the shows I've been missing out on for the past decade, like Supernatural and Buffy. Supporting cancon, I also checked out CBC's comedy-drama: Republic of Doyle, and OH YEAH, was it good. Good thing too, it looks like the show is at the halfway point, and I fear the CBC won't be around much longer.

Another show I checked out over the summer was MTV's Teen Wolf. Seeing as it aired on Much, which back then was more focused on teen dramas and reality shows then comedy & music, I saw it as nothing more than an attempt to cash in on The Vampire Diaries' success; which in turn was cashing in on Twilight's success. But then again, this is the network that brought us household names like Jackass & Beavis and Butt-Head and it was inspired by Buffy. Plus, it's a show about werewolves, which I haven't seen since Big Wolf on Campus.

Turns out, Teen Wolf is a horror-comedy drama, or horror-dramedy. That means thrills, laughs, and a bit of action. But, being a show for teenage girls, the predicable relationship drama takes center stage and the serialized format does not help. But, looking past all that crap, the show is very addicting; another reason why dramas are so popular. It's like it gets better and better with every season. Ridiculousness, I love ya, but this might be the only other reason why I bother watching MTV from now on. Other than that, I'd rather watch MTV2; not the canadian version, of course.

So yeah, I like dramas now, but that doesn't mean I don't wish action-oriented fare like The A-Team was the norm. But hey, that's what anime is for. Besides, with Breaking Bad becoming one of the greatest shows of all time, It's going to be a LONG time before we get more high-octane live-action programming. ...That reminds me, I'll need to watch Breaking Bad sometime.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Definition of Bullshit: AMTV

It's old news, but...
--------------------------------------------------- carving out a new space for artists in the mornings, it is rethinking how it programs music. Critics of MTV say that its music brand is all but irrelevant now, since countless music videos and songs are only a click away on YouTube and other Web sites. ...Mr. Friedman acknowledged that music had not always drawn “the level of viewership we hope for,” but nonetheless he said, “we know our audience wants more of it.”

"That's why we shunted them to the early morning hours where no one will be able to watch them!" Say what you want about Much, but at least they don't pull this crap anymore. Oh wait, you don't have time for that, you're too busy watching AUX!!!

On the bright side, with help from WMG, they're kicking Vevo's ass, taking back their music throne and making youtubers tremble. (

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rogers takes control of the NHL for the next four years: Thoughts?

"The sport has long been CBC’s most viable revenue engine. From The Fifth Estate to Arctic Air, who knows what else will be on the chopping block as a result of the deal?"

Poor CBC; They just can't catch a break! Unless they try to appeal to a younger demographic like City (a better outlet for teenagers will help!), they'll probably have to go back to airing american programs to make revenue now! They'll be just as bad as Global! Don't forget, TSN is also being screwed over because of this. Yeah, they stole the Hockey Night in Canada theme but, you have to feel bad for them.

"...And McIsaac said the network plans to keep using the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song" 

...Actually, I take that back.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Family Channel & it's sisters to be bought by DHX Media: Thoughts?

DHX said they were going to make Family a more Canadian channel; that's all I needed to hear. Still banking on Blue Ant or some other company to get MusiquePlus & MusiMax. If I learned anything from watching Much it's that, if you're not going to do what you were supposed to do, you'd better give the people what they want. I'm not so sure the francophones want what MusiquePlus is giving them.

Also, fuck Mike.