Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Quest for the Ultimate FPS

A Long time ago, I set out on a search for a better alternative to Call of Duty's fast-paced, highly-customizable gameplay. I thought I found my answer in Unreal Tournament 3, an old-school shooter with guts and gore, vehicles, large maps, and a general gladiator feel to it. Unfortunately, the online servers were near empty last time I played it on PS3 and the fanboys, being the brain-damaged stubborn bastards that they are, refuse to acknowledge it's existence. So my quest continued...

Then I stumbled upon the hypetain for Battlefield 3. It sounded too good to be true; it was. Battlefield is a team-based shooter, that means if I don't play along with others, I won't get to enjoy driving around in tanks on the larger than life maps. The fact that EA marketed this game to the FPS kiddies that made the bulk of the COD fanbase, did not help. I was not a fan of dieing over and over again, nor was I a fan of being kicked out of games for no good reason, so I left for greener pastures.

Thankfully, a few months later, Gotham City Imposters arrived on the scene. It was a breath of fresh air. It ran on some of the principles COD had, but got rid of all the bullcrap. The weapons were all wacky, the customization was unlike anything I've played before, and it just had a fun vibe to it that a lot of games, especially shooters, didn't have. Why so serious, indeed? Still, at it's core, it's a multiplayer-only game. My search was not over.

Heading back to Boring Military Shooter Land, I had my sights set on Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The previous game, and reboot, was playable but it left a lot to be desired. I had hoped Warfighter would be to the rebooted Medal of Honor, what COD4 was to that franchise. Well, I was half right. It did nearly the exact same thing as Modern Warfare 2 did, minus the extra content. The story was as crap as it's gameplay; the multiplayer was the only thing that showed improvement. As the console generation was coming to an end, I found that, in my quest to find a game better than Call of Duty, I stopped playing one crappy game only to play more crappy games and at the end finally play another crappy game. I was going in one giant circle!

At that moment I was ready to give up on mainstream shooter games and end this quest. It's obvious these publishers and developers would rather ripoff gamers with half-assed campaigns and tacked-on multiplayer then create something in the league of Half-Life, Bioshock, FarCry and even Halo. At least THAT game can tell a good story, which is more than I can say for the these mountains of filth! Maybe it was to add insult to injury or maybe someone felt bad for me, but later down the road the greatest moment in my life happened..., I finally got Team Fortress 2 to work.

I can't believe this is what I had been missing out on all these years. A hilarious, mytho-filled, fast-paced, old-school shooter that's still popular to this day! I can see where Gotham City gets it's inspiration from. I was content to just play Gotham on my PS3 and TF2 on my PC and let these other losers play their generic crap. ...But then, I hear Crytek will not only be developing, but publishing the sequel to Homefront; another crappy shooter game but with a great story, atmosphere and characters. Also, I heard that Activision and Bungie are teaming up to create Destiny, a game that already looks like the perfect successor to Halo.

My quest maybe over, but there are still other FPS games out there that I want to play! The Adventure Continues... X)

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