Friday, 1 November 2013

My Facebook Posts...

Yes, I do have a facebook page, but I only use it when I can't use my G+ account. As to why, I'm uploading my posts..., no idea.
#doyletweets NOT THE GTO!
#BoundForGlory That's 3 title changes tonight. If the World Title changes hands tonight, it'll be the first time all active TNA Championship titles (excluding the TV title) have changed hands since Bound for Glory 2006!
After seeing MuchMore get re-branded to M3, a "superstation" that still plays music-related programming, I'm definitely keeping my eyes on G4. There IS a way for G4 Canada to switch back to an entertainment format while still focusing on technology, they just haven't discovered it yet.
Piss 'n' Chips. The official snack of #RHOH 
Stay Hungry, Mitches!
I'm LOVING the new MUCH! Still It's sad that, by getting rid of the teen dramas, Canada doesn't really have a definitive teen-oriented network anymore (No, "Family Channel" doesn't count). Besides, it is redundant that MUCH replaced them with JUST comedy shows...when Bell already owns a "Comedy Network". A little more diversity would be nice, how about more animated shows?
#doyletweets I could use a giant chain myself.
#IMPACTLive EC3. More like Rule of 3. Next time he steps in the ring, I expect him to get flattened!
#HonorLives I need to get me that Best of ROH DVD! Lucky for me, I got a PayPal account this year!
#WatchROH Ricky Marvin. I'm going to be remembering that name for a LONG time!

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