Sunday, 3 November 2013

MuchImprovement [MuchMusic]

Time to revisit the network calling itself Much, as opposed to "MuchMusic". The drama shows are gone...almost, the lineup has been reshuffled, and it's teen audience has moved to greener pastures. It's time to figure out what's next for Much.

For Much's music programming, The Wedge airs Sundays at 10am but it doesn't get much promotion, Video on Trial and the Countdown airs on Fridays (though the VOT's show page hasn't been updated yet), and Much has added an extra video block in the evenings. Don't forget, the entire morning and afternoon lineup on weekdays is all music programming. For a network that no longer calls itself MuchMusic, outside of it's legal name and website, they're airing A LOT more music programming nowadays! Either Bell Media is trying to play kiss-ass with the CRTC before they try to lower the amount of music programming again, or Much has proven that music will always remain an important part of their brand.

So, it's time for the non-music programming, the shows that will shape the demographic Much is trying to reach. The current shows are as follows: Tosh.0, South Park, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Conan and Late Night; with reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bunk and Chappelle's Show. I know that Bunk and Chappelle's Show will be off the air eventually, and Out There has already finished it's run.
Meanwhile, Ugly Americans, Dean Cole's Black Box, Drunk History and The Jeselnik Offensive are currently off the air. I think both Drunk History and the Offensive would be better off moving back to the Comedy Network, they don't really fit within the pop-culture genre as Tosh.0 and the talk shows do. While I'm at it, Comedy Bang! Bang! doesn't seem to fit in either and Much isn't even promoting it.

According to their website, Much will begin airing Workaholics starting November 19 @ 11pm ( I felt that Much needed more scripted programming, so this is nice news. However, if Much is going to be airing comedy shows from now on, then the shows need to reflect the theme and direction that the network is going. Besides, if they start airing MORE comedy shows, especially ones that have already been canceled, what's the Comedy Network gonna broadcast?

I think someone at Much knows this, I notice that encores of Degrassi have been airing Thursdays after their intital airing on MTV. Might be some sort of test, if Degrassi does poorly on MTV, they'll move it back to Much. Of course that depends on whether or not Much's old demographic is still watching the channel.

One more thing I have to say, I'm just nitpicking at this point but, is there a chance the black-and-white variation of Much's current logo can become the official logo. Not that I like the current logo, it's just as lazy as the other logos Bell Media introduced in 2011, but at least it fits with commercials and bumpers and it's not an eyesore like the multicolor shitstain variation. I haven't seen a logo this camera-shy since Teletoon back in 2006, when they were using the wordfont in it's place.

That's about it, well done, MuchMTV Group. Now turn your focus on the Canadian MTV2; notice how no one is watching it...

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