Sunday, 3 November 2013

Live-Action shows: Teletoon > Cartoon Network. Come at me.

We know that Teletoon has done live-action before, wether it was when they broadcasted Fireball XL5 back in their early days or broadcasting live-action movies on the Detour block, now known as Teletoon at Night. When it came to reintroducing live-action shows to the daytime lineup, they didn't have it as bad as Cartoon Network, but they didn't have it easy either.

The first real live-action original series was the teen dramady "Majority Rules!" You can tell by the fact that it channel hopped to corporate sibling Family that it was a flop and no one watched it. Skatoony was the network's first real successful live-action show..., a live-action/animation hybrid game show. Now that's more like it! 
But then, after "ordinary ended" in 2011, came Beyond Human, a documentary about people who can do amazing things. You can argue that the stuff they did was akin to something a cartoon character could do, it debuted during "Cartoon Science Month," but this looked like something that should have been broadcasted on TVO or CBC TV.

Lucky, during the same year, another all live-action show debuted which was much more successful: My Babysitter's a Vampire. Unlike Majority Rules!, which catered to the teen-girl demographic, Babysitter was tailor made for Teletoon's "unreal" audience. Course, I never watched the show, I like my vampires in two flavors: seductive, sadistic, sex gods or crazed, carnivorous, cannibals. But I did see the prequel movie and it was alright; The complete opposite of CN's Re-Animated and it's spin-off show, minus the laugh track. Babysitter ended up getting picked up overseas on Disney Channel, probably because Cartoon Network has already caused enough damage to their already mentally-ill fanbase.

The last live-action show to be produced for Teletoon was Mudpit, another LA/Animated hybrid. This show followed an upstarting band as they tried to earn a recording contract by playing a musical MMO called Muzika. How's that for unreal? After that I would say that Teletoon has found their rhythm when it came to live-action shows. ...But then they produced Just Kidding for Disney XD and, well let's just say, for a show about kids pulling pranks, it's as unoriginal as it sounds like.

I should point out that Teletoon has also acquired a number of live-action shows, mainly from The Hub Network, a Hasbro/Discovery joint venture. Anyways, I DEFINITELY don't mind Teletoon producing another live-action show but, since Corus will soon have complete control over the network, maybe they should just stick to animation. Besides, the live-action movies on Teletoon at Night are way better than the movies daytime Teletoon airs. ...Marmaduke, really?

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