Saturday, 2 November 2013

Let's go back to MTV2/Action-TV

I do need to revisit MTV2 Canada and Action..., no, not the genre. Seriously, you did that on purpose.

MTV2 Canada
I took a second look at MTV2 Canada because MTV2 looks like the type of channel I would have loved to watch a few years ago; and it was, during it's first few years and back when it was known as Razer. Thing is, it's not getting enough promotion and it's still being grouped with the other music channels even though it, and the MTV brand, aren't all about music anymore. There's a good reason why it doesn't get any promotion, there's no new programming being aired on the network. Where's Guy Code or Wild 'N' Out? Why am I seeing Degrassi and Breaker High reruns? Come to think of it, why am I seeing reruns of Hollywood Heights? I thought YTV and Corus had exclusive rights to all Nickelodeon programming. I'm not subscribed to MTV2 currently, and I don't think Rogers will put it on free preview anytime soon, not unless Bell Media does something to make people want to subscribe...., if they even want to. Otherwise, they might as well rebrand back to Razer or shut it down altogether and save a buck or two.

I think I get it. City may have changed it's name, but we still call it CityTv. Likewise, we call Action, "Action TV." After all, that was the network's pre-launch name: Action Television. "Action" used to refer to the movies they play, but now they've drifted from action movies to simply male-oriented movies. Likewise, the shows they broadcast aren't just action shows, they're male-centric shows. You remember Spike's old catchphrase: "Get More Action?" ( That basically sums up Action-TV's general direction. No, Action doesn't need a rebrand, but it does need to let it's viewers know what it's REALLY all about. Action knows action, but not just the "high-octane and explosive" kind.

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