Friday, 8 November 2013


...Ha-Ha, no. But I'm not updating my channel. You know what's great about blogger? Where people like The Inverted Shadow feel the need to waste their time, and others, making a generic video complaining about things they don't like about youtube (Seriously, what the hell?!?!, I can spend minutes writing about the things I HATE about this website and post it into one blog. But for now, I'm just going to say, I have no intentions of getting my channel a G+ page JUST so I can make comments.

Seriously, do those morons actually expect me to make ANOTHER G+ page just so I can contribute to the absolute filth that is youtube's comment section? How delusional are they? Besides, this is just a ploy to get more people to use G+ by forcing them to use it, as opposed to making G+ look more attractive to people looking for an alternative to Facebook. OK, well their not forcing people to use it, but how else are you going to communicate to your e-friends and moronic fanbase if you can't reply to their comments? Obviously, ripping off Facebook's layout didn't work, so let's just rig the comment section so that, in order to make a comment, you have to use your G+ page. Seriously, if they start bragging that more people use G+ than Facebook because of this, then it goes to show you that this company truly doesn't care about their consumers. Thankfully, I prefer to use Myspace.

People won't like what I'm about to say, implying they liked all the things I said in the past, but I REALLY wish someone would do to this concentration camp what SOPA did to Megavideo. It's very karmic in that both Google - who continues to ruin what was once a great video-sharing service - and the disgusting degenerates of the youtube community - who allows Google to ruin this website and helps them do so with their pirating and their spoiled, attention whore attitudes - end up losing the most valuable thing in their meaningless lives.

...IF ONLY!!!!

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