Sunday, 3 November 2013

G4techTV Revisited [G4 Canada]

Going for 3 in 1 here. Yeah, I'm calling G4 Canada by it's previous name, "G4techTV", since it kept the name and format longer than the US version did. Besides, there's almost no point calling it by it's current name since G4 will be off the air by the end of the year.
OK, say we decide to rebrand back to G4techTV and revamp the channel. How do we shift "G4T" back to an entertainment format while still focusing on technology?

For starters, we could try bringing anime back to the channel. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Sword Art Online on G4T? Not to mention, aside from kid fare, we haven't seen any mature-oriented anime since Bionix went off the air. It's a niche that NEEDS to be filled!
I was annoyed that TVTropes would joke about the Adult Digital Distraction block yet not say anything about how the Anime Current block was related to technology; can you say "biased?" But, silly me, I didn't realize that the majority of shows played on the block did have something to do with technology in many ways: from Ghost in the Shell to Serial Experiments Lain! The new G4T needs to reach the gamer demographic the same way G4 did in the US, and a lotta gamers like to play Blazblue.

Which of course, brings me to the gaming shows. For gaming news, all we have are EP Daily and Reviews on the Run and, thankfully, that's all we need. So for gaming entertainment, I got just the thing, shows and movies based on video games! ...Yes, most of said shows are kid-oriented fare, and yes, most said movies are very cheesy. But, the age limit never stopped people from watching every episode of Sonic AM on the weekend, did it? And it won't ALL be kid-oriented fare. Going back to anime, we have shows like Blue Dragon, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, Sands of Destruction and shows based on visual novels like Higurashi or Shuffle aren't out of the question either.
For more western entertainment, the sky's the limit on scripted shows relating to technology. Hello, Revolution anyone?

G4's lifestyle programming will be carried over to G4T, along with Rude Tube and Bang goes the Theory, but the old Tech TV shows will have to be dropped since they're really outdated. Finally, and this is my favorite part, a new logo, on screen branding and updated website will made for the new G4TechTV to signify it's independence from the americian version!

*exhausted* Of course, if Rogers does plan on doing something with G4, I don't expect them to do all this. But, hey, I can dream.

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