Monday, 25 November 2013

From an Outsider's perspective: Nickelodeon's Dumbest Decisions

Nickelodeon. Dear god. It's not your new logo I have a problem with. It's EVERYTHING ELSE!

NickMom on Nick Jr. - Forget about the idea of a preschool network airing adult programing for a second. It's bad enough that American networks are willing to butcher themselves in the never ending pursuit of ratings over quality or purpose. But to do that to a frickin' preschool network? This is why I'm grateful for Canadian television license restrictions; you won't see this crap on Treehouse any time soon!

Nick Studio 10. A programming block, where the programs are suddenly interrupted by a random short skit that last for about 5 seconds. Sounds good on paper, not so much in practice. Then again if I was watching a Spongebob marathon only for it to be interrupted by "fart-in-a-jar..."  ...Speaking of bad jokes...

Lucas Cruikshank on Nick. - I was expecting Marvin Marvin to be much, Much, MUCH, MUCH better received than Fred: The Show. But no, it was horrible. Horrible. That was the worst sitcom I've ever watched. Yes, worse than Austin & Ally and even worse than Dads.
Lucas should have just sticked to being a YouTube sellout. I'd rather watch Wendell & Vinnie. Actually no, that's only slightly better. I'd rather watch Korra, Power Rangers, and more Spongebob Squarepants reruns. Which brings me to...

Too. Much. Spongebob. - I'll never understand why americans networks think mini-marathons are a good idea. I'm a HUGE Spongebob fan and even I think that airing multiple blocks of the show is a horrible idea. If I'm not mistaken, hasn't Fairly Odd Parents been on the air just a long as Spongebob has? How come we're not seeing mini-marathons of that show? What the hell happened to the rest of Nick's programming? Oh, that's right. They've migrated to NickToons and Teen Nick which, aside from airing House of Anubis and Degrassi, is nothing more than archive channel for Nick's old teen programming...and older Nicktoons?

...I'm beginning to see how Disney Channel, of all networks, broke the network's 17-years ratings dominance. The "first network for kids" is now being run by kids. Stupid kids. Stupid, moronic, fricktarded kids. It's official, Cartoon Network and The Hub are the only kid's networks that have common sense.


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