Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Canadian feeds of Americian networks.

I know I'm a amateur at this but, I don't see the point in bringing an americian network, not an American-branded service but the actual americian network, to Canada if we're going to block almost every program it broadcasts. I don't mind blocking the syndicated programming, but what's the point of blocking the movies? Last time I checked, Netflix was still a thing...and there are ways to access Hulu from up north... Thankfully, it's just syndicated programming and movies, original programming gets off scot-free. ...Ah, now I get it! X)

Anyway, BET, AMC, and Spike are the only networks I know that have this problem. Because of this BET's Canadian feed is virtually nothing but music videos, music videos, original programming, and more music videos. Not that I'd want to watch a marathon of Family Matters. ...Wait, wasn't that show already playing on MTV2!?!?!

A&E, however, doesn't have this problem. Aside from reruns of Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami, all they broadcast is original programming. Yeah, were as networks like G4 in the US threw away their programming for LOST reruns and Showcase has become a dumping ground for american dramas (Seriously, THEY'RE PLAYING SVU RERUNS!!!) and crappy disaster films, A&E prefers to broadcast original programming. It doesn't mean much, but I think I have found some new respect for A&E. Be Original indeed.

Seriously, this had better help fund some new canadian programming. I would rather create the next Trailer Park Boys then buy another crappy americian show like Dads.

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