Saturday, 2 November 2013

Call of Duty isn't a rehash anymore.

With Black Ops II, Treyarch did the impossible. They created the first Call of Duty game that didn't feel like a rehash of last year's game..., I'm looking at you, MW3. The problem with World at War, Black Ops, and MW3, and even Modern Warfare 2 (Dear god, I HATE that game!), they all had the same core features with only a small bit of new content to differentiate them. Boot up Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for a little while and then switch over to Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Notice how the only new content in BT3 was the characters, the Day/Night stages, online, and replays for the Wii version. To their credit, this is what those brain-damaged FPS kiddies are talking about when they say that Call of Duty was "the same game every year."

With Black Ops II, Treyarch didn't settle for the same linear campaign, XP-based multiplayer, or survival mode; they went a little further. League play, CODCasting, Strike Force missions (though I don't think they executed it well), and multiple endings just to name a few...if not all. THIS is how you evolve an annually released game. Really, the only thing that was rehashed from MW3 was the graphics. The fact that it was competing against, of all games, Medal of Honor Warfighter REALLY helps.

Maybe it's because I'm not drinking the same Kool-aid that these other morons are, especially the BF3 fanboys, nor am I a Call of Duty fanboy (UNREAL TOURNAMENT FOREVER!!!!), but I can appreciate a original game when I see it. I'm confidant that Infinity Ward will be able to redeem themselves from the embarrassment that was MW3 with the next installment, Ghosts. But more importantly, those COD kiddies should stop sucking IW's noobtube and kissing Activision's ass. Remember, Guitar Hero also made a radical change in their gameplay before Activision killed it.

In the meantime, have fun with Battlefield 4, I'm sure it will a perfect alternative for those who want to know what real war feels-*bursts out laughing* ...Sorry, you had to hear that....

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