Monday, 11 November 2013

And now for something machinima-related....

...I haven't touched Reycralibur since I finished episode 10 this past summer. I would make a Rob Ford joke here, comparing Reycralibur 11 to crack and lying about "working on it", but I never did enjoy celebrity gags. So, no, I'm not making jokes about Wrecking Balls either.

The main reason why the next episode is taking so long is because, after looking over what I've done so far story-wise, I'm not really proud of myself. I definitely didn't gave Betal the proper character intro he deserves and I haven't really touched on the relationship between Opal and Aile nor have I REALLY dug into Neo's reasoning for finding Reycralibur. I REALLY should have scripted this out before I started filming last year; but I can't turn back now.
So, before I finish the fight with Gorous, I want to give a little focus on Betal and who in the blue hell he is. Then, in the next few episodes, I'll shed a little more light on Neo and get back to Opal & Aile. I was hoping to finish this series within 14 episodes, but you can't rush a good story; Looks like I'll have to try for 21.

In the meantime, since the Abridged Knights of Brawl is almost over, I figure I should go back and remake the first episode. ...Well, not even figure, I HAVE to. The episode was made before I even watched the rest of the series, it's almost non-canon, and don't get me started on the horrible mic quality.
...You know, I think the voice acting was a bit better in episode 1...

And finally, the tutorial. As much as I hate to say this, I'm gonna have to start it over from scratch. Not to worry though, I have plan...which I won't explain to you; as you can see, I have a unlucky streak for announcing things that I never finish.

...And for something completely different. 

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