Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What is MTV2 Canada anyway?

I won't judge MTV2 in the US. I've never watched it, so I don't know what it's about. All I know is it's supposed to be a separate brand, MTV in name only. So instead I'm looking at the canadian version, I remember watching it back when I was elementary school but I haven't watched it since...damn cable packaging.

According to their website MTV2 is "the ultimate destination for Canada's 12-24s. featuring an eclectic roster of crazy over-the-top exclusive programming packed full of attitude. MTV2 airs and covers hit movies, comedy, extreme sports, live music and videos, animation, and gaming" Wow! I can't believe how one little page can pack so much bullshit.
Let's try this again, this time with their facebook page. "MTV2 is a lifestyle and general entertainment channel aimed at youth and teen audiences, airing a mix of music video programs, drama, comedies, talk shows and more." That is only slightly accurate.

Going by the schedule alone, MTV2 looks...umm? I'll let you judge. Here's a list of programs currently being broadcast regularly, as of October 2013. Because I don't think even Wikipedia gives a crap about this channel:
Breaker High
True Life
Hollywood Heights
Silent Library
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Well, what do you think? Me personally, I think MTV2 is in need of the same treatment Much, M3 and MTV has received this past month. The archived MTV programming is forgiven but otherwise, MTV2 looks like a dump. According to the 2013 CRTC Communications Monitoring Report, 869 people are watching MTV2, compared to the 2,452 subscribers G4 has. G4 Canada, a network literally in the same boat, is still more successful in subscribers, revenue and PBIT. Good thing Rogers is charging around $3 for MTV2 Canada, cause that's literally how much the brand is worth.

Yep, MTV2 needs the M3 treatment. It needs a reskin, a refresh, a rebrand. Fast! Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

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