Saturday, 5 October 2013

Too much family shows? [CMT Canada, ABC Spark, YTV]

You know, I really need to bring this up. With Family Channel broadcasting more Disney Channel-fair, they've become less of a "family" channel and more of a tween girl channel. So, with Bionix losing ratings, YTV began to pick up the slack and air more family-oriented programming along with the kid shows the're supposed to be broadcasting. The result, YTV began airing shows like Everybody Hates Chris, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, America's Funniest Home Videos, Just for Laughs Gags, and Wipeout.
Meanwhile, CMT Canada began to transition to become more of a family channel themselves (Relax, they still play country music-related shows, more so than Much does with music in-general, and it's not like Country Music Television [the US version] itself was doing better). See, the problem here is redundancy; it's the reason why CMT in the US still focuses on country music while TNN became the male-oriented Spike TV.

So, you'd think that since Corus, Shaw Media, and the Disney-ABC Television Group teamed up to bring ABC Family to Canada, in the form of the teenage-oriented "ABC Spark," we'd finally get some kind of ground rules for which channel broadcasts what: Spark handles teen programming,  CMT handles family-programming, and YTV handles kids programming. Right? Wrong. "Instead, let's have ABC Spark AND CMT air Wipeout, AFV and JFL Gags! Let's stuff CMT's non-video block schedule with reality shows like Fear Factor and Undercover Boss Canada and air shows about food and pets during the weekends. While we're at it, let's show reruns of Wipeout Canada on CMT and YTV. Sure, it's unoriginal, only ran for 11 episodes and won't be renewed for a second season, but who cares?!"

...Yeah, so it's mostly CMT Canada at fault. To be fair, aside from original programming, they have nothing to broadcast in the evenings...except more music videos. They don't broadcast the same "southern-flavored" shows that the american CMT does, their new animated series - Bounty Hunters - airs on The Comedy Network. Here's an idea how about moving all the syndicated programming, save for AMV, to CMT Canada and let them handle the family programming so YTV and Spark can go back to targeting kids and teens, respectively. I don't mind a crossover audience as long as the channels have programming that helps them to stand out on their own - something that CMT Canada, beyond music-related programming, doesn't have.

P.S For the love of dog, if you're not gonna renew Wipeout Canada, then put it on DVD and take it off the air! The only thing worse than a knockoff reality show is a knockoff reality show that's just being used for filler.

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