Friday, 11 October 2013

(Showcase) Action rant

I'm sure this rant was long overdue. My issue with Action is the name; yeah, I'm going there.

Plain and simple, it's a generic name. That fact that I had to use "Showcase Action" in the title to make sure people knew I was talking about the channel, even though it's no longer advertised as a spinoff of Showcase, and not the action tv genre is proof that the name just doesn't distinguish it enough.
The name also doesn't do "Action's" programming lineup justice. Action broadcasts a mix between scripted action programming and "high-stakes" reality shows like Cops, Hardcore Pawn, and Impractical Jokers - because nothing says "Action" like watching a guy trying to find his car keys in a pile of elephant poop.

This isn't just another movie channel anymore, it's a channel that can stand out from it's former sister stations and stand with other canadian-branded channels. That's why Action remained as is while Showcase Diva got replaced with a canadian version of Lifetime. It's one of the highest-rated specialty services in Canada, mostly because it targets men; Men who love car chases, explosions, and guys trying to fine their car keys in piles of elephant poop.

It's been four years, it REALLY needs a brand overhaul. Nothing drastic, just enough to make sure that when I bring up "Action", I'm not talking about the french tv channel that has nothing to do with Action. ...No, the channel not the genre!

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