Sunday, 15 September 2013

MuchComedy? Fine with me! [MuchMusic]

So far, I'm liking Much's new direction ( Sure, it looks like MuchComedy but at least it's better than just back to back reruns of the Fresh Prince. At least it looks like the channel has a direction it wants to go: a pop culture channel; so yeah, it's Bravo with music videos.

Speaking of, you know how all the music programming was stuck in the mornings and late-night periods? Well now, every evening we get Today's Top 10 @ 6pm and back-to-back episodes of Video on Trial @ 7pm (New episodes Friday). That's TWO HOURS of music programming at a time when people will actually get to see it! Although New.Music.Live has been canceled, we still have the MuchMusic Countdown (Sat@7pm) and I believe The Wedge (Sundays, though they keep changing the time!) is still in production. The networks owners did say music will always remain a part of Much and clearly it shows. ...Did I mention, the morning was still all-music related programming?

Moving to the comedy shows, don't worry, only the most popular shows from Comedy Network (Tosh.0, South Park, The Simpsons, Conan) have moved to Much. Everything else is either shows that, to my knowledge, have never been seen in Canada before (Out There, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Black Box) or more filler. In the case of Conan, moving it from Comedy Network's crappy time of midnight to Much's new time of 11pm - in line with the TBS broadcast - was a smart move.

One thing I noticed though, Degrassi and pretty much every drama or scripted MTV show has disappeared from the schedule. Ironic since, when Much wasn't rerunning The Fresh Prince (I say Fresh Prince a LOT when talking about Much, don't I?), they LOVED rerunning Pretty Little Liars and Degrassi. Thing is, apparently Degrassi will move to MTV Canada next season ( along with Awkward ( A welcome addition since MTV Canada, in it's current form as of writing, is almost as bad as Much was this past summer. It will be nice to see something other than reruns of Campus PD (G4's Cops knockoff produced in Canada which, ironically, doesn't air on the Canadian version) Keys to the VIP, Comedy Now, and InnerSPACE (Seriously, they had to use Space's flagship show for CanCon?).

 I don't know where Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars are. I expect Teen Wolf to also move to MTV for the second half of season 3 and your guess is as good as mine for PLL. I think Bell Media is going for the TBS/TNT, Disney Channel/Disney XD, and FX/FXX approach with Much and MTV; Much airs comedy shows, MTV airs dramas.
It's great to see someone doing SOMETHING with Much other than pretending to be something their not. I'll take MuchComedy - or hopefully MuchEverything - over MuchMedicore anyday. Americans can only hope G4 (the U.S zombie version) will get the same treatment.

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