Friday, 13 September 2013

G4 (U.S) Lives...?

...*sigh* Yeah, G4 won't be replaced by the Esquire Network, which is actually quite disappointing. Not because Rogers won't have to rebrand the Canadian version to separate it from the US version, but because...well, what's the point? G4 "died" a long time ago, it's just a zombie network now. Save for American Ninja Warrior, there's no original programming left. I look at the schedule and see reruns, reruns and more reruns. It's like the cable network version of MyNetworkTV.

But, as long as it's still alive, let's pretend the network's owners are planning for G4 to make a comeback. Video games and TV aren't exactly the best of friends so, unless we can un-cancel X-Play & Attack of the Show or any of G4's older gaming-relating shows, G4, as a video-gaming channel, is finished. For better or for worse, has replaced G4 when it comes to gaming news and entertainment and even Spike TV (home of the infamous VGAs) has manged to keep a fingertip on gaming events.

That's not to say that G4 can't have programming related to gaming, there's more to gaming television than just news and reviews, you know. What about, dare I say, shows and movies based on video games? Again, video games and TV aren't exactly the best of friends, but at least it's better than Cops, Cheaters, Lost, and Heroes reruns. In fact, G4 could cover internet-culture and technology as a whole - a throwback to the G4TechTV days, when it was all about gaming AND technology. As long as ANW is still on the lineup, why not move WWE Smackdown to G4 from Syfy? Yeah, pro-wrestling on a network for video-games (which also happens to air a Japanese game show adaption); tell me how that's different form pro-wrestling on a network for science-fiction and fantasy shows?

Of course, I'm just playing "what if?" When it comes to US networks, decay is permanent (No, Cartoon Network doesn't count. Apparently, not even they thought live-action shows was a good idea). I'm mostly brainstorming for the Canadian version. It's great that they got rid of all the OLN and Adult Swim shows, but the shows they have left, save for Reviews on the Run and EP Daily, aren't exactly fresh. Maybe if they have applied all of the above (minus ANW and SmackDown, of course) instead of just adding shows for the hell of it, they could have had there cake and eat it too.

As far as I'm concerned, G4 should have been replaced with the Esquire Network; at least that channel will HAVE viewers.

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