Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fave Five: Anticipated games

1) Star Wars: Battlefront. (EA/DICE/Disney - 2015)
Star Wars games in general are living proof that not ALL movie-licensed games are crap; if you can't see that, then you must have been playing Force Unleashed II for way too long. Battlefront is a first/third person shooter set within the Star Wars universe that has been compared with the Battlefield series. I would explain more, but I haven't played much of the Battlefront games. The only game I did play was the DS version of Elite Squadron which, while a good game in it's own merit, is not as complete as the PSP version or the other installments.
All I can say is, there will be more gamers anticipating this game then there will be movie lovers anticipating the new Star Wars sequel trilogy. Disney, don't fail us now!

2) Killer Instinct (Microsoft/Double Helix - 2013)
What happens when Mortal Kombat gets into more "kombo" based gameplay? You get Killer Instinct, one of the most beloved fighting games of the past. FYI, this is where the "ULTRAAAAA KOMBOOOOOOOOO" soundbite came from. Yet another game I've seen and heard about but never played, at least not legally. The game revolves around auto-combos, which is exactly what it sounds like. You combo with combos..., sick. After the comeback that was Mortal Kombat 9, it's hard NOT to be exited for this game to come out. It's pretty much the only reason why anyone will get a Xbox One. ...That new announcer sounds scary...

3) Sacred 3 (Deep Silver/Keen Games - 2013?)
It's Diablo with female characters, a hack-and-slash game. ...Yep, haven't played it, but I am currently. Ever since they bought some of THQs IPs, Deep Silver has been on a roll: The success of Metro: Last Light, Saints Row IV being reviewed as (not only better than The Third, but) the best installment of the series since the second game..., and Ride to Hell being reviewed as one of the worst games ever made. But if they can bring back the Sacred series, they will be able to turn that small bit of misfortune around and have a money-making franchise to compete with other western RPG franchises. Not to mention, with Diablo III getting upstaged by a console port, how funny would it be if Sacred 3 on PC got everything right the first time around. Can't wait!

4) Homefront 2 (Crytek - 2014)
Now why would I be exited about this game? Gameplay-wise, the original Homefront was a shameless little turd that THQ shilled out to appeal to those FPS brats, those stupid children, you know who I'm talking about. They spent millions overhyping what was basically a generic, linar, almost-unoriginal game. Almost unoriginal, because there one thing I liked about Homefront: the interesting setting and characters which made the game feel like something out of a cable drama, an award winning cable drama. The only problem with the story was, like a typical generic shooter,  it ended with a horrible boss fight and an unsatisfying cliffhanger.
The game has also received praise for it's multiplayer, something I would have enjoyed if THQ didn't make the annoying decision to implement an online pass! The single-player campaign was garbage, so what makes you think people are willing to spend an extra $10 to try out the multiplayer. The one thing THQ was banking on to make a profit, and they prevent players from doing it. This is the reason why they went bankrupt.
Originally Crytek would be only developing the sequel but, now that THQ's kicked the bucket, Crytek has been given full control! That's why I'm exited about this game. Where Homefront had a creative story, Homefront 2 is guaranteed to have better gameplay. To hell with Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, this is the blockbuster shooter game I'm waiting for.

5) Destiny (Activision/Bungie - 2014)
The publisher of the best-selling shooter franchise meets the developer of the best shooter period. How can you not be exited. This game sounds like the type of offline/online shooter RPG that would make Fallout 3/NV and Borderlands look like baby toys: character customization, a living world, superpowers!
...I don't need to say anything else. You don't need to compare it to Halo to know it's gonna kick-ass!

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