Friday, 27 September 2013

Am I ever gonna stop talking about Much/G4/MTV CAN?

... Probably not. They're pretty much the only channels I watch nowadays - along with Slice and the CW. So Teen Wolf, Degrassi & Awkward will be moving to MTV and it looks like Pretty Little Liars will move to M3 (formally MuchMore). Looks like smooth sailing for the MuchMTV Group.

But G4 Canada, the other young adult network I watch, isn't looking so hot. From what I heard, the american version is shutting down in October...unless NBCUniversal can find a way to screw that up again. Soon G4 Canada will be in the same boat as OLN, the canadian version will succeed the american version and become it's own channel. It's nice to see the service return to it's roots, but now's the time to do something to refresh and reinvigorate the channel - and the G4 brand if NBCUniversal will allow Rogers to keep using it in Canada. G4 is now a lifestyle channel for technology but, even after the american version finally bites the dust, no one will know that. When someone brings up G4, someone else will bring up all the stupid decisions the american version has made.

No one knows what Rogers Media has planned for G4; even I had to do some digging around to figure out some clue to what's going on before making this post. Rogers Media hasn't made a press release about the channel since 2011, not even to let people know they were dropping the [as] and OLN shows.
As to what I think they should do, I still wouldn't mind them shifting back to an entertainment format, as long as they still broadcast shows relating to technology. Otherwise, if they're completely rebranding the channel to separate it from the american version, they can do whatever the hell they like...except recycle shows from Rogers' Media's other 3 networks.

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