Friday, 27 September 2013

Am I ever gonna stop talking about Much/G4/MTV CAN?

... Probably not. They're pretty much the only channels I watch nowadays - along with Slice and the CW. So Teen Wolf, Degrassi & Awkward will be moving to MTV and it looks like Pretty Little Liars will move to M3 (formally MuchMore). Looks like smooth sailing for the MuchMTV Group.

But G4 Canada, the other young adult network I watch, isn't looking so hot. From what I heard, the american version is shutting down in October...unless NBCUniversal can find a way to screw that up again. Soon G4 Canada will be in the same boat as OLN, the canadian version will succeed the american version and become it's own channel. It's nice to see the service return to it's roots, but now's the time to do something to refresh and reinvigorate the channel - and the G4 brand if NBCUniversal will allow Rogers to keep using it in Canada. G4 is now a lifestyle channel for technology but, even after the american version finally bites the dust, no one will know that. When someone brings up G4, someone else will bring up all the stupid decisions the american version has made.

No one knows what Rogers Media has planned for G4; even I had to do some digging around to figure out some clue to what's going on before making this post. Rogers Media hasn't made a press release about the channel since 2011, not even to let people know they were dropping the [as] and OLN shows.
As to what I think they should do, I still wouldn't mind them shifting back to an entertainment format, as long as they still broadcast shows relating to technology. Otherwise, if they're completely rebranding the channel to separate it from the american version, they can do whatever the hell they like...except recycle shows from Rogers' Media's other 3 networks.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fave Five: Anticipated games

1) Star Wars: Battlefront. (EA/DICE/Disney - 2015)
Star Wars games in general are living proof that not ALL movie-licensed games are crap; if you can't see that, then you must have been playing Force Unleashed II for way too long. Battlefront is a first/third person shooter set within the Star Wars universe that has been compared with the Battlefield series. I would explain more, but I haven't played much of the Battlefront games. The only game I did play was the DS version of Elite Squadron which, while a good game in it's own merit, is not as complete as the PSP version or the other installments.
All I can say is, there will be more gamers anticipating this game then there will be movie lovers anticipating the new Star Wars sequel trilogy. Disney, don't fail us now!

2) Killer Instinct (Microsoft/Double Helix - 2013)
What happens when Mortal Kombat gets into more "kombo" based gameplay? You get Killer Instinct, one of the most beloved fighting games of the past. FYI, this is where the "ULTRAAAAA KOMBOOOOOOOOO" soundbite came from. Yet another game I've seen and heard about but never played, at least not legally. The game revolves around auto-combos, which is exactly what it sounds like. You combo with combos..., sick. After the comeback that was Mortal Kombat 9, it's hard NOT to be exited for this game to come out. It's pretty much the only reason why anyone will get a Xbox One. ...That new announcer sounds scary...

3) Sacred 3 (Deep Silver/Keen Games - 2013?)
It's Diablo with female characters, a hack-and-slash game. ...Yep, haven't played it, but I am currently. Ever since they bought some of THQs IPs, Deep Silver has been on a roll: The success of Metro: Last Light, Saints Row IV being reviewed as (not only better than The Third, but) the best installment of the series since the second game..., and Ride to Hell being reviewed as one of the worst games ever made. But if they can bring back the Sacred series, they will be able to turn that small bit of misfortune around and have a money-making franchise to compete with other western RPG franchises. Not to mention, with Diablo III getting upstaged by a console port, how funny would it be if Sacred 3 on PC got everything right the first time around. Can't wait!

4) Homefront 2 (Crytek - 2014)
Now why would I be exited about this game? Gameplay-wise, the original Homefront was a shameless little turd that THQ shilled out to appeal to those FPS brats, those stupid children, you know who I'm talking about. They spent millions overhyping what was basically a generic, linar, almost-unoriginal game. Almost unoriginal, because there one thing I liked about Homefront: the interesting setting and characters which made the game feel like something out of a cable drama, an award winning cable drama. The only problem with the story was, like a typical generic shooter,  it ended with a horrible boss fight and an unsatisfying cliffhanger.
The game has also received praise for it's multiplayer, something I would have enjoyed if THQ didn't make the annoying decision to implement an online pass! The single-player campaign was garbage, so what makes you think people are willing to spend an extra $10 to try out the multiplayer. The one thing THQ was banking on to make a profit, and they prevent players from doing it. This is the reason why they went bankrupt.
Originally Crytek would be only developing the sequel but, now that THQ's kicked the bucket, Crytek has been given full control! That's why I'm exited about this game. Where Homefront had a creative story, Homefront 2 is guaranteed to have better gameplay. To hell with Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, this is the blockbuster shooter game I'm waiting for.

5) Destiny (Activision/Bungie - 2014)
The publisher of the best-selling shooter franchise meets the developer of the best shooter period. How can you not be exited. This game sounds like the type of offline/online shooter RPG that would make Fallout 3/NV and Borderlands look like baby toys: character customization, a living world, superpowers!
...I don't need to say anything else. You don't need to compare it to Halo to know it's gonna kick-ass!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

MuchMore to rebrand to M3. Thoughts?

Three reasons why MuchMore rebranding to M3 is a great idea:
1) Keep in mind that Much and MTV are decaying for a reason: nobody watches music video channels anymore. MTV found a niche in reality shows and Much has pop culture shows. MuchMore is presumably the equivalent to VH1, but VH1 is a separate alternative channel from MTV. You can drop the "Music" from MuchMoreMusic but people will still associate it with Much. By changing the name to M3, it can truly become it's own channel while at the same time acknowledging it's roots (M3 = Much More Music? Get it?)

2) By swapping out...whatever the hell they were airing before the Bell takeover (reality shows, drama shows, etc) with some of Comedy Network's shows along some other acquired comedy shows and mixing it with their remaining music-related programming (Video on Trial, Today's Top 10, Much Countdown), Much was able to remain relevant, unlike G4 USA which is neither the video game and technology related channel it should be nor the male-oriented channel it wanted to be. Now it's time for MuchMore to do the same.

3) Nobody cares about MuchMore. Between Much and MTV Canada, I'm not sure if anyone is still watching MuchMore. What with reruns of Gilmore Girls, Ed and Supernatural (Which already airs on CHCH and ABC Spark!). Props for picking up where Much left off with music programming (, MuchMore Countdown, Juiced) but Aux has them beat. By focusing more on drama shows, shows from CTV, AND music-related programming, M3 will be able to define itself as an separate channel from Much.

4) Along with Aux we already have CMT Canada - which focuses on country music, bpmtv - which covers dance music and Much - which has already proven that pop music will still remain an important part of their brand. Throw in Much's digital music video channels along with Galaxie, and I don't see anything wrong with having one less music channel in Canada. ...We also have too many movie channels...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

MuchComedy? Fine with me! [MuchMusic]

So far, I'm liking Much's new direction ( Sure, it looks like MuchComedy but at least it's better than just back to back reruns of the Fresh Prince. At least it looks like the channel has a direction it wants to go: a pop culture channel; so yeah, it's Bravo with music videos.

Speaking of, you know how all the music programming was stuck in the mornings and late-night periods? Well now, every evening we get Today's Top 10 @ 6pm and back-to-back episodes of Video on Trial @ 7pm (New episodes Friday). That's TWO HOURS of music programming at a time when people will actually get to see it! Although New.Music.Live has been canceled, we still have the MuchMusic Countdown (Sat@7pm) and I believe The Wedge (Sundays, though they keep changing the time!) is still in production. The networks owners did say music will always remain a part of Much and clearly it shows. ...Did I mention, the morning was still all-music related programming?

Moving to the comedy shows, don't worry, only the most popular shows from Comedy Network (Tosh.0, South Park, The Simpsons, Conan) have moved to Much. Everything else is either shows that, to my knowledge, have never been seen in Canada before (Out There, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Black Box) or more filler. In the case of Conan, moving it from Comedy Network's crappy time of midnight to Much's new time of 11pm - in line with the TBS broadcast - was a smart move.

One thing I noticed though, Degrassi and pretty much every drama or scripted MTV show has disappeared from the schedule. Ironic since, when Much wasn't rerunning The Fresh Prince (I say Fresh Prince a LOT when talking about Much, don't I?), they LOVED rerunning Pretty Little Liars and Degrassi. Thing is, apparently Degrassi will move to MTV Canada next season ( along with Awkward ( A welcome addition since MTV Canada, in it's current form as of writing, is almost as bad as Much was this past summer. It will be nice to see something other than reruns of Campus PD (G4's Cops knockoff produced in Canada which, ironically, doesn't air on the Canadian version) Keys to the VIP, Comedy Now, and InnerSPACE (Seriously, they had to use Space's flagship show for CanCon?).

 I don't know where Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars are. I expect Teen Wolf to also move to MTV for the second half of season 3 and your guess is as good as mine for PLL. I think Bell Media is going for the TBS/TNT, Disney Channel/Disney XD, and FX/FXX approach with Much and MTV; Much airs comedy shows, MTV airs dramas.
It's great to see someone doing SOMETHING with Much other than pretending to be something their not. I'll take MuchComedy - or hopefully MuchEverything - over MuchMedicore anyday. Americans can only hope G4 (the U.S zombie version) will get the same treatment.

Friday, 13 September 2013

G4 (U.S) Lives...?

...*sigh* Yeah, G4 won't be replaced by the Esquire Network, which is actually quite disappointing. Not because Rogers won't have to rebrand the Canadian version to separate it from the US version, but because...well, what's the point? G4 "died" a long time ago, it's just a zombie network now. Save for American Ninja Warrior, there's no original programming left. I look at the schedule and see reruns, reruns and more reruns. It's like the cable network version of MyNetworkTV.

But, as long as it's still alive, let's pretend the network's owners are planning for G4 to make a comeback. Video games and TV aren't exactly the best of friends so, unless we can un-cancel X-Play & Attack of the Show or any of G4's older gaming-relating shows, G4, as a video-gaming channel, is finished. For better or for worse, has replaced G4 when it comes to gaming news and entertainment and even Spike TV (home of the infamous VGAs) has manged to keep a fingertip on gaming events.

That's not to say that G4 can't have programming related to gaming, there's more to gaming television than just news and reviews, you know. What about, dare I say, shows and movies based on video games? Again, video games and TV aren't exactly the best of friends, but at least it's better than Cops, Cheaters, Lost, and Heroes reruns. In fact, G4 could cover internet-culture and technology as a whole - a throwback to the G4TechTV days, when it was all about gaming AND technology. As long as ANW is still on the lineup, why not move WWE Smackdown to G4 from Syfy? Yeah, pro-wrestling on a network for video-games (which also happens to air a Japanese game show adaption); tell me how that's different form pro-wrestling on a network for science-fiction and fantasy shows?

Of course, I'm just playing "what if?" When it comes to US networks, decay is permanent (No, Cartoon Network doesn't count. Apparently, not even they thought live-action shows was a good idea). I'm mostly brainstorming for the Canadian version. It's great that they got rid of all the OLN and Adult Swim shows, but the shows they have left, save for Reviews on the Run and EP Daily, aren't exactly fresh. Maybe if they have applied all of the above (minus ANW and SmackDown, of course) instead of just adding shows for the hell of it, they could have had there cake and eat it too.

As far as I'm concerned, G4 should have been replaced with the Esquire Network; at least that channel will HAVE viewers.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Update: September 2013

Not much to report on. I've decided to wait until I can get a new gamepad for my laptop before I start on Reycralibur, episode 11. I'm hoping to wrap the series up within the next four episodes so I can get started on my next project. Yeah, I'm making a new SSB64 machinima, hopefully one with voice actors. Meanwhile, I will try to finish recording lines for The Abridged Knights of Brawl, episode 9 before the month is over. I have another leftover parody project from the past summer that I'd like to get back to.

So, SpeedyJeux is dead but that doesn't mean I won't stop making gaming-related videos. I still have some "leftovers" that I could dump onto the SpeedyCXLIX channel. ...Why do I suddenly feel the need to LP Pokemon Emerald?

I did say that Ringside would make a comeback (, but I didn't say when or how. I will focus on TNA and ROH shows for the time being; when I will get back on the saddle and how often, I don't know - you'll just have to wait and see.

...So I realized what's wrong with television nowadays: too much drama, not enough action!