Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's Next for Ol' Kira?

...Well, at least I'm happy. Recently, I decided I would no longer be periodically releasing episodes of Reycralibur and Ringside (, which means I now have more time to finish "writing" the Reycralibur story and work on other projects, Star and Friends for example. Just last week I was able to capture footage for the first "official" episode - The WIP Tanks episode was more of a beta for what the show was gonna be.
I already finished the video skeletons for The Abridged Knights of Brawl, episode 8 and the Shadow Apocalypse parody but, up until now, I wasn't able to find time to finish recording my lines (or even start to in the case of TAKOB). The day after I post this, I will hopefuly find to get off my lazy butt and actually finish what I started last month.

Since I FINALY was able to play Team Fortress 2 with my new laptop, I was thinking of trying my hand at making Gmod machinima. In truth, this desire came ever since I saw "The Misadventures of Sekai" a long time ago ( Back then, I didn't have a powerful enough computer to run the Source engine; but now..., I still don't have a powerful enough computer to run the Source engine -at least not at 100%.
But, I'm willing to take the risk to do something a little more advanced then what I usually do in SSB64/Melee. Speaking of advanced things, remind me to learn how to do Brawl animation hacks for when I make my return to Brawl machinima.

Once I'm finished with Reycralibur and The Abridged Knights of Brawl, I was thinking of just spending the rest of my time making more long-form standalone films ( instead of just the regular "Shoopa Smash-esque" mini videos I do ( But leave it to my brain to give me the idea to take a horrible webcomic and completely reimagine it as a Melee machinima. Throughout the last months of the school year, I've scripted the first 10 episodes of this new machinima. But before I can begin filming, there's something else I need to research: Melee Texture Hacks - It doesn't get anymore advanced than that!

'Til then I'm gonna finish Reycralibur & The Abridged Knights of Brawl so I can finally move on with my afterlife. (Get it? Because I have no life! XD)

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