Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SpeedyJeux is done.

So, yeah, I'm kinda done with SpeedyJeux - aka 2Guys1XBox. For some reason, SJ videos have been WAY more popular on Dailymotion then they have been on YouTube; another sign of how broken this website has become. Besides, I already have about 3 other accounts that I use (well, at least two more than that), so it makes no sense making ANOTHER account to upload videos. Not to mention there are already WAY too many gaming channels on YouTube.
I'll be reuploading all my SJ videos to SpeedyCXLIX because my old LP of Mickey's Speedway USA got more views than ALL of my SJ videos combined and, of course, Speedy149U won't be around for long with those two strikes. It just makes sense.
I can't let those 329 sub go to waste though, so I'm not gonna close 2Guys1XBox. Maybe I'll do a giveaway sometime...

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