Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SpeedyJeux is done.

So, yeah, I'm kinda done with SpeedyJeux - aka 2Guys1XBox. For some reason, SJ videos have been WAY more popular on Dailymotion then they have been on YouTube; another sign of how broken this website has become. Besides, I already have about 3 other accounts that I use (well, at least two more than that), so it makes no sense making ANOTHER account to upload videos. Not to mention there are already WAY too many gaming channels on YouTube.
I'll be reuploading all my SJ videos to SpeedyCXLIX because my old LP of Mickey's Speedway USA got more views than ALL of my SJ videos combined and, of course, Speedy149U won't be around for long with those two strikes. It just makes sense.
I can't let those 329 sub go to waste though, so I'm not gonna close 2Guys1XBox. Maybe I'll do a giveaway sometime...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's Next for Ol' Kira?

...Well, at least I'm happy. Recently, I decided I would no longer be periodically releasing episodes of Reycralibur and Ringside (, which means I now have more time to finish "writing" the Reycralibur story and work on other projects, Star and Friends for example. Just last week I was able to capture footage for the first "official" episode - The WIP Tanks episode was more of a beta for what the show was gonna be.
I already finished the video skeletons for The Abridged Knights of Brawl, episode 8 and the Shadow Apocalypse parody but, up until now, I wasn't able to find time to finish recording my lines (or even start to in the case of TAKOB). The day after I post this, I will hopefuly find to get off my lazy butt and actually finish what I started last month.

Since I FINALY was able to play Team Fortress 2 with my new laptop, I was thinking of trying my hand at making Gmod machinima. In truth, this desire came ever since I saw "The Misadventures of Sekai" a long time ago ( Back then, I didn't have a powerful enough computer to run the Source engine; but now..., I still don't have a powerful enough computer to run the Source engine -at least not at 100%.
But, I'm willing to take the risk to do something a little more advanced then what I usually do in SSB64/Melee. Speaking of advanced things, remind me to learn how to do Brawl animation hacks for when I make my return to Brawl machinima.

Once I'm finished with Reycralibur and The Abridged Knights of Brawl, I was thinking of just spending the rest of my time making more long-form standalone films ( instead of just the regular "Shoopa Smash-esque" mini videos I do ( But leave it to my brain to give me the idea to take a horrible webcomic and completely reimagine it as a Melee machinima. Throughout the last months of the school year, I've scripted the first 10 episodes of this new machinima. But before I can begin filming, there's something else I need to research: Melee Texture Hacks - It doesn't get anymore advanced than that!

'Til then I'm gonna finish Reycralibur & The Abridged Knights of Brawl so I can finally move on with my afterlife. (Get it? Because I have no life! XD)