Friday, 14 June 2013

What is a stolen video?

So today some idiot Tobuscus fanboy complained about me reuploading a fan-video from Newgrounds I stole a year ago.
Here's the thing:
1) Those morons think Tobuscus himself made the video. Yeah, Tobuscus made a fan-made video about himself. ...Well, gamers on YouTube do tend to be total idiots so can't be HIS fault.
2) I only uploaded it so I can find out who the original uploader is. Of course, as you can guess, those Tobastards were no help.
3) I never deleted it in the first place, it was hidden from sight thanks to YouTube's layout. So to assume that I actually deleted the video... As I said, most gamers on YouTube tend to be total idiots.
4) While I do admit that I stole the video from someone on another website (and NOT Tobuscus because he didn't make the video), I also admit I stole a few clips from Family Guy and uploaded them to my channel. ...And yet, nobody complained about that! So the way it goes is: if I'm stealing from the likes of FOX, it's OK; if I'm stealing from someone like Tobuscus, NOW I'm the bad guy. Just goes to show you how hypocritical the idiots of the YouTube community are.

I was planning on deleting the video someday, but after that show of stupidity, screw 'em. I'm just gonna keep the video uploaded just to piss them off. They want to take it down, they're have gonna get off their lazy asses and manually flag the video. Maybe that will teach them a lesson.

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