Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I need a job.

I'm sick of that scumbag brother of mine stealing my stuff. Because of that bastard, I can't do any Brawl/Melee machinima. I'll NEVER be able to do any Brawl/Melee machinima as long as I live in this dump, because that bastard keeps stealing my stuff! I NEED to get out of here! What I need to do is find a job over the summer.
This past month, I was invited to apply for a partnership with Zoomin.TV. Of course, I can't do it on my main channel. So, I'll use SpeedyJuexTV. After all, as a gaming channel, it's dead. I could reupload some of my skit videos to the channel and replace any copy-protected music. From there, I could mirror my videos to SpeedyJuex and build my audience there. Once I get, I'll be able to pay for any PayPal fees.

A while back, I signed up for three services: ZippCast, Facebook, and Myspace. All of them were asinine, but the biggest suprise was Myspace. I LOVE the new Myspace. It's simple, clean, fast, and easy to use, which is more than I can say for ZippCast and Facebook! I only got a Facebook account because it was the only way to contact the ZC staff for help when their buggy website locked me out of my account. I have no use for it, but I'll keep it. If I am to apply for the Zoomin.TV partnership, I'll need to build an audience. Anyway, if the NEW Myspace can put a smile on my face, I hate to see what kind of abomination the OLD myspace was.

Sorry for the haitus, my blogger is "back in business."

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