Sunday, 29 December 2013

The End of an Teen Pop. Thoughts?

He's got a point. The media should have focused on someone who actually DESERVES attention; they should have found someone else to bother once he started looking like a Jersey Shore reject. Then again, nothing sells papers like seeing a former teen pop sensation act like a total prick.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Facebook. Across the Border.

The more I watch IFC, the more I hate Shaw Media for slapping it's name on a generic movie channel. They don't even play their original shows! Wanna know where Out There and Comedy Bang! Bang! ended up? MUCH!
about a minute ago

33 minutes ago
No matter what direction G4 takes, I think a refresh is in order. New graphics, new logo (new name?), and new shows. That's what G4TV Canada needs right now.

54 minutes ago
#MTV2MusicMix Oh look, a Riri and MNM video. Oh Never mind, it's Queens of the Stone age!

#mtv2musicmix Why don't you guys play more rock music videos? Better question, why don't you play more music period? It's better than Family Matters reruns.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Watching MTV2

MTV is no longer a music channel, it's a teen lifestyle channel; music is just part of the experience. So what does that make MTV2, the male-oriented "brother" network? Obviously, it's not a music network either. The short version would be that it's the older guy's version of MTV, right down to the crappy timeslot for music-videos.

To be analytical, the main difference (aside from being aimed at guys) is that MTV2's programming is influenced by hip-hop music and the people who listen to it, while MTV is all about mainstream music and the teenage girls who listen to that. However, the only original shows on MTV2 that are music-related are Hip-Hop Squares and the revived Wild N' Out. Everything else is tailor made for the guys, just like flagship show Guy Code. Another difference between MTV2 and MTV is that MTV's schedule largely consists of original programing while MTV2 incorporates reruns of the more male-oriented shows from MTV (like Ridiculousness) and even syndicated programming like The Wayans Bros, Smart Guy and Boy Meets World.

Have you ever noticed that the time these "music" networks spent playing irrelevant fare could have been spent playing more music videos or music-related shows (We're looking at you, Much)? Yes, Vevo is a preferred alternative to just waiting for your favorite music videos to play; I get it. But Netflix is a preferred alternative for those who don't want to wait for their basic cable movie network to play their favorite movie. Yet, while they do broadcast a television series or two, most movie networks are still predominately broadcasting movies. Why? Because that's why people tune-in to them in the first place!

Now, If I was running MTV2, I would extend the MTV2 Jams/Morning Music Buzz (Yeah, not feeling "AMTV2") block to encompass at least the entire morning. If it means I'll have to take Family Matters off the air, so be it. I would also put some emphasis on rock music and add more rock music videos to the rotation on top of rock-music related shows. I mean, seriously, Viacom got rid of MTVX because they thought people wanted more hip-hop and rap music. That's fine, but now you have BET Hip-Hop & MTV Jams. You think that's enough hip-hop-oriented channels, Viacom?! At least Much gives a crap about rock music, that's why they still have a rock-oriented channel.

I did check out MTV2 Jams. While waking up at 4AM to watch hip-hop was as stupid as it sounded like, it was nice to see some different music, or rather different programming, for a change. I found it ironic that during the Morning Music Buzz block, they wanted me to "join the conversation" with the #‎mtv2musicmix‬. I know I'm an Early Bird,

but who would wake up that early to see a music video with two girls playing old school video games? ...Don't ask. It's just further proof that these people are absolutely clueless to how things work.

For whatever faults MTV2 has, it's definitely become one of my favorite american networks to watch; It's way better than the canadian version. I know I say that a lot, but it's only because it's true.
...It was the music video to Back 2 Ballin. You're welcome.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Movies & Music Channels: How to Survive Channel Drift.

Movie channels and music channels are both in the same boat. For basic cable movie channels, services like Netflix -  which allows you to watch your favorite movies in a click of a button - have made them near obsolete. For Music channels, services like Vevo -  which allows you to watch your favorite music videos in...well, you know what I mean. So now the challenge is to find something other than just movies and music to give to their audience.

In addition to original programming, Corus' CMT added family-oriented programming to the evenings. That would be fine... if YTV wasn't broadcasting the same syndicated shows or if the other shows weren't neither country-music related (Undercover Boss Canada) nor family friendly (Fear Factor). Good thing they still broadcast more music videos then their americian counterpart.
After re-branding to M3, the channel formerly known as MuchMore began adding more scripted dramas and sitcoms alongside reality shows and on top of music programming. It was the perfect way to refresh an ailing spinoff network but I fear Canada doesn't have an outlet for adult contemporary music anymore. It really should have been MTV2 that got this treatment.

That brings me to MuchMusic. On the plus side, they got rid of the teen dramas and reality shows and replaced them with comedy shows. It sounds like shark-jumping bullshit, but in an era where niche programming like anime and black shows take a back seat to dramas and reality shows - in an era where television is pandering to women and brainwashed teen pop fangirls, it's sigh of fresh air to see something different.
However, now's the time for Much to put more focus on actual music-related programming. According to the "Much MTV Comedy Networks" (Worst. Name. Ever.), Much is now "the go-to channel for all things pop culture." So a perfect blend of mainstream music and topical comedy shows will help reflect that as well re-define itself from the MTV-copycat network they were before. Besides, if Bell Media thinks they can make MuchMusic focus on something other than music, they got another thing coming!

On the movie front, things are much more brighter. Each network has a defined genre that doesn't overlap with each other. Movietime shows contemporary films, Rewind shows old school films and The Cult Movie Network shows...well, take a guess. In my opinion, Action turned out better than the rest. They went from being a spin-off of Showcase to one of Canada's only male-oriented entertainment networks (the other being OLN).

The key to surviving channel drift is to forget the ratings, forget the demographics, and just do what you were supposed to do and expand on it. The only time when you should care about ratings is when no one is watching your channel; the only time when your supposed to care about demographics is when you forget who your original audience is. That's the lesson to learn from all this.

...But Seriously, they should have rebranded MTV2!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Corus will fully own Teletoon by the end of 2013. Thoughts?

Teletoon, like animation itself, isn't just for kids anymore. They may have been part-owners, but technically it's the only youth network in Corus' portfolio that caters to young adults such as myself. If the CRTC wants Teletoon's programming to not overlap with YTV and Treehouse, then Corus needs to puts just as much focus on that demographic as they did for children. That means, they need to find more shows for Teletoon at Night to broadcast since all the Adult Swim shows have moved to the canadian version.

Lucky for them, FX is rolling out a new animated series, Chozen, though a have a feeling this will be a bigger flop than Allen Gregory. They could also air reruns of IFC's Out There. When ABC Spark reran The Nine Lives of Chloe King, it got so popular, fans were treated to a look at the resolution to it's cliffhanger ending. It's nothing like what happened to Johnny Test, but it's still something, and I think the same might happen to Out There if the show gets enough attention. Don't forget, The Boondocks is supposed to return for a forth season in 2014. Teletoon brought back Family Guy, they NEED to do the same to this show.

Speaking of mature animation, since YTV is now family-friendly, it seems more and more unlikely Bionix will make a comeback. If Corus were able to afford more mature anime series, Teletoon at Night would be the likely candidate to broadcast them. Besides, they did co-produce Spider Riders and Bakugan. Of course, in that sense, it's more likely that Teletoon will stick to children-oriented anime such as Tenkai Knights.

My point is, Teletoon is right up there with Cartoon Network and The Hub. Like CN, they prove that animation isn't just for kids. Like Hub, they aren't just a kiddie network, they can be a network that the whole family can enjoy without restricting themselves to family-friendly crap. That's what Corus needs to consider once they take control of the Unreal station.

Poor TNA...

"On October 24, 2013, TNA announced they will be returning to Universal Studios on November 21, 2013 due to recent poor TV taping attendance and high cost of production on the road. Impact Tapings will be filmed from Soundstage 19. There still will be “select” tapings on the road from time to time. TNA also announced a new 24/7 programming initiative that will follow TNA superstars 24/7 day ."

So much for TNA making a profit. At least they had the right idea cutting back on PPV shows. Maybe for next year, they'll stick to the big four shows (Bound for Glory, Slammiversary, Destination X, Lockdown) for PPV events. Of course, that won't get TNA a bigger audience. In order for them to do that, they NEED to be more innovative and stop doing what the other guys are doing. It's time for them to stop being "WWE Lite" and truly become the successor to WCW everyone says they are.

You can start by laying off the invasion angles. Between the Nexus, S.C.U.M, Aces&Eights, the Coalition, and the BDK, we've had way, way, WAY more than enough of them to last an era.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

From an Outsider's Persepctive: MTV2

You know MTV2 is kinda like a cooler older brother to MTV, emphasis on cooler, but I see it more as a little brother to Spike. Think about it: MTV2 is all about the guys, Spike is all about men. Seriously, MTV2's new graphic package looks like a twerked tweaked version of Spike's old graphics. (
It makes you wonder, why the hell didn't VGX and Blue Mountain State, being more catered to young adults, move to MTV2? Was it because they feared it would cut into the MTV's imaginary commitment to music-related shows? Surprisingly, and maybe because they care more about hip-hop than rock, some of MTV2's newer shows do have something to do with music; on the same level as how some of History's shows have something to do with actual history.

That's the thing about Viacom Networks: they have the right ideas, but use them in the wrong ways.

Monday, 9 December 2013

I've been a bit preoccupied

For the past two weekends I attempted to record some footage of me playing Saints Row IV. In both cases, I ran into some technical difficulties. That's when I asked myself, why am I doing this? Isn't there something else I should be doing right now? Something I like doing and can do with no problems. Yes, there is. I should be working more on Reycralibur and other machinima vids. I should be making more videos about things I've seen and portray them in a child-like fashion like I always do. Instead, I'm trying to do too many things at once again.

So, I've decided to cancel Ringside and stop making commentary videos. I'm just gonna stick to what I'm good at: dark comedy. Pitch black comedy. Comedy so black, it's not even comedy. ...and machinima vids. This doesn't mean I won't stop uploading or making gameplay videos, I'm just focusing more on what I want to do. Then I realized, I'm still in school at the moment but, in less than two weeks from now, I'll be out for the Holidays. So, tell ya what, I'll stick to doing what I do best ( and, in the new year, I'll get back to more machinima videos.

Sounds Cool? Don't Care. I'm doing it.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Story of Nintendo's Heel-Turn

It was a name that defined the term "underdog", someone who against all odds would find a way to make ends meet. For that the he was a fan-favorite, and for a time, a gentle giant. Nowadays he represents everything that's wrong with the industry... But enough about John Cena's career, let's talk Nintendo.

It was gaming's ultimate heel-turn, when Nintendo started taking revenue from LPers on YouTube. Forgetting about the wannabes making money out of playing a fricking video game, ANY partner who uses footage from a nintendo-made video game won't receive revenue because of it. This paints an image into the minds of all of the fanboys that Nintendo is becoming just as bad as the other companies out there. ...I'm looking at you, Activision.

Anyway, who can blame Nintendo? It's obvious that they're doing this because they're losing revenue; revenue which would have been theirs if the Wii wasn't such a failure. What? I know this from experience. The Wii was aimed at the same casual audience Nintendo was targeting since the NES days. The problem is, the demographic for games has shifted from kids to brain-damaged teenagers. Yet, Nintendo still focused on Casuals and left the Hardcore crowd to either bite the dust or get drunk and delude themselves into thinking Super Smash Bros. is a hardcore fighting game. In other words, and I hate to be blunt, Nintendo is *sigh* a kiddy company!

The Xbox 360 and the Playstaion 3 were merely targeting the current demographic, the ones who grew up on Mario, but no longer eat ice cream for breakfast. That's why Sony and Microsoft are paying bills and Nintendo is left to wonder the same desolate alleyways partners came from. Naturally, for their next console, Nintendo needed to make a more powerful machine, and they did...untill the Playstation 4 and Xbox One arrived.

The new console was on-par with the other seventh-gen consoles. Not only could it play Ninja Gaiden 3, it can produce a more superior version of that game in Razer's Edge. But when it came to games like Battlefield, now running on the Frostbite engine, it was out of it's league. I was gonna say they shouldn't have called it the "Wii U", but now the name seems more fitting. Just like the Wii, it was last-gen machine marketed to current-gen gamers. Sales dropped, and, once again, Nintendo looked Nick Jr. trying to appeal to an older demographic. ...OK, That was terrible joke.

So what do you do when your losing money and no one wants to buy your stuff? Simple, you play by the other companies' rules. Instead of simply trying to appeal to an older demographic, Nintendo is simply gonna piss off their fanbase just to make a profit. It was either that or going the way of Sega.

Now if you want my opinion, if I was still interested in LPing and if my youtube channel wasn't in the red, I'd still play a Nintendo game. Not because of the money, but because I like playing Nintendo games. For them to stop playing Nintendo games simply because they won't get paid, I personally think all the other LPers are just full of jokes, if not shit. Nonetheless, what Nintendo is doing right now, from the Wii brand to the "War on YouTube", is, not a major step backwards, but a major jog backwards. Even if Nintendo doesn't want to hang up the joystick, I fear it's only a matter of time before they do.

You wanna try to screw over the YT gaming community? Good Luck. YouTubers are like cockroaches; you can squish them, but they Just. Won't. Stop.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's Talk Drama

I don't like drama shows; I prefer more action-oriented shows. Which means, in this modern television world, I'm more prone to watching anime, "mature" children's cartoons (like Young Justice), or live-action shows for Power Rangers. Being half-hour fare, they get right to the point and don't waste time on crap like romance. The only dramas I've bothered giving a crap about was Spartacus, which was everything I could ever want in a one-hour show, and The Game, which went from CW sitcom to BET's flagship dramedy.

But then, I checked out A&E's Longmire; I saw the season finale last year but I didn't expect to get renewed or grab such high ratings. After all, knowing these americian networks, quality always takes a back seat to ratings. So, before season two began, I watched the entire series from the beginning...and I think you can guess what happened next. I enjoyed it.

What I love about the show was, the standard crime-drama fare takes a back seat to the interesting characters and their own personal stories. I think that's the reason why people love drama shows so much; It's certainly more entertaining then the reality shows I've been watching up until now. With a renewed intrest in dramas, I started checking out some of the shows I've been missing out on for the past decade, like Supernatural and Buffy. Supporting cancon, I also checked out CBC's comedy-drama: Republic of Doyle, and OH YEAH, was it good. Good thing too, it looks like the show is at the halfway point, and I fear the CBC won't be around much longer.

Another show I checked out over the summer was MTV's Teen Wolf. Seeing as it aired on Much, which back then was more focused on teen dramas and reality shows then comedy & music, I saw it as nothing more than an attempt to cash in on The Vampire Diaries' success; which in turn was cashing in on Twilight's success. But then again, this is the network that brought us household names like Jackass & Beavis and Butt-Head and it was inspired by Buffy. Plus, it's a show about werewolves, which I haven't seen since Big Wolf on Campus.

Turns out, Teen Wolf is a horror-comedy drama, or horror-dramedy. That means thrills, laughs, and a bit of action. But, being a show for teenage girls, the predicable relationship drama takes center stage and the serialized format does not help. But, looking past all that crap, the show is very addicting; another reason why dramas are so popular. It's like it gets better and better with every season. Ridiculousness, I love ya, but this might be the only other reason why I bother watching MTV from now on. Other than that, I'd rather watch MTV2; not the canadian version, of course.

So yeah, I like dramas now, but that doesn't mean I don't wish action-oriented fare like The A-Team was the norm. But hey, that's what anime is for. Besides, with Breaking Bad becoming one of the greatest shows of all time, It's going to be a LONG time before we get more high-octane live-action programming. ...That reminds me, I'll need to watch Breaking Bad sometime.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Definition of Bullshit: AMTV

It's old news, but...
--------------------------------------------------- carving out a new space for artists in the mornings, it is rethinking how it programs music. Critics of MTV say that its music brand is all but irrelevant now, since countless music videos and songs are only a click away on YouTube and other Web sites. ...Mr. Friedman acknowledged that music had not always drawn “the level of viewership we hope for,” but nonetheless he said, “we know our audience wants more of it.”

"That's why we shunted them to the early morning hours where no one will be able to watch them!" Say what you want about Much, but at least they don't pull this crap anymore. Oh wait, you don't have time for that, you're too busy watching AUX!!!

On the bright side, with help from WMG, they're kicking Vevo's ass, taking back their music throne and making youtubers tremble. (

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rogers takes control of the NHL for the next four years: Thoughts?

"The sport has long been CBC’s most viable revenue engine. From The Fifth Estate to Arctic Air, who knows what else will be on the chopping block as a result of the deal?"

Poor CBC; They just can't catch a break! Unless they try to appeal to a younger demographic like City (a better outlet for teenagers will help!), they'll probably have to go back to airing american programs to make revenue now! They'll be just as bad as Global! Don't forget, TSN is also being screwed over because of this. Yeah, they stole the Hockey Night in Canada theme but, you have to feel bad for them.

"...And McIsaac said the network plans to keep using the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song" 

...Actually, I take that back.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Family Channel & it's sisters to be bought by DHX Media: Thoughts?

DHX said they were going to make Family a more Canadian channel; that's all I needed to hear. Still banking on Blue Ant or some other company to get MusiquePlus & MusiMax. If I learned anything from watching Much it's that, if you're not going to do what you were supposed to do, you'd better give the people what they want. I'm not so sure the francophones want what MusiquePlus is giving them.

Also, fuck Mike.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

MUST. PLAY. SAINTS ROW IV. | RE: Playstation Network Update
...I'll Scream.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Quest for the Ultimate FPS

A Long time ago, I set out on a search for a better alternative to Call of Duty's fast-paced, highly-customizable gameplay. I thought I found my answer in Unreal Tournament 3, an old-school shooter with guts and gore, vehicles, large maps, and a general gladiator feel to it. Unfortunately, the online servers were near empty last time I played it on PS3 and the fanboys, being the brain-damaged stubborn bastards that they are, refuse to acknowledge it's existence. So my quest continued...

Then I stumbled upon the hypetain for Battlefield 3. It sounded too good to be true; it was. Battlefield is a team-based shooter, that means if I don't play along with others, I won't get to enjoy driving around in tanks on the larger than life maps. The fact that EA marketed this game to the FPS kiddies that made the bulk of the COD fanbase, did not help. I was not a fan of dieing over and over again, nor was I a fan of being kicked out of games for no good reason, so I left for greener pastures.

Thankfully, a few months later, Gotham City Imposters arrived on the scene. It was a breath of fresh air. It ran on some of the principles COD had, but got rid of all the bullcrap. The weapons were all wacky, the customization was unlike anything I've played before, and it just had a fun vibe to it that a lot of games, especially shooters, didn't have. Why so serious, indeed? Still, at it's core, it's a multiplayer-only game. My search was not over.

Heading back to Boring Military Shooter Land, I had my sights set on Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The previous game, and reboot, was playable but it left a lot to be desired. I had hoped Warfighter would be to the rebooted Medal of Honor, what COD4 was to that franchise. Well, I was half right. It did nearly the exact same thing as Modern Warfare 2 did, minus the extra content. The story was as crap as it's gameplay; the multiplayer was the only thing that showed improvement. As the console generation was coming to an end, I found that, in my quest to find a game better than Call of Duty, I stopped playing one crappy game only to play more crappy games and at the end finally play another crappy game. I was going in one giant circle!

At that moment I was ready to give up on mainstream shooter games and end this quest. It's obvious these publishers and developers would rather ripoff gamers with half-assed campaigns and tacked-on multiplayer then create something in the league of Half-Life, Bioshock, FarCry and even Halo. At least THAT game can tell a good story, which is more than I can say for the these mountains of filth! Maybe it was to add insult to injury or maybe someone felt bad for me, but later down the road the greatest moment in my life happened..., I finally got Team Fortress 2 to work.

I can't believe this is what I had been missing out on all these years. A hilarious, mytho-filled, fast-paced, old-school shooter that's still popular to this day! I can see where Gotham City gets it's inspiration from. I was content to just play Gotham on my PS3 and TF2 on my PC and let these other losers play their generic crap. ...But then, I hear Crytek will not only be developing, but publishing the sequel to Homefront; another crappy shooter game but with a great story, atmosphere and characters. Also, I heard that Activision and Bungie are teaming up to create Destiny, a game that already looks like the perfect successor to Halo.

My quest maybe over, but there are still other FPS games out there that I want to play! The Adventure Continues... X)

Monday, 25 November 2013

If Toonami aired on weeknights...

It's not rocket science. If Toonami aired on weeknights, it would air for at least 3 hours max starting at 9pm. The lineup would consist of shows like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Inuyasha; long-running shows that could air on strip repeats for weeks and weeks and weeks. In that sense the Midnight Run would consist of the short-run shows, such as Sword Art Online.

A quick idea that popped into my head after this one idiot from Crunchyroll got the fricktarded suggestion to shut down adult swim. ...Anime fanboys are such retards... -_-

@Jah666 Oh look, the minority is talking -_-

From an Outsider's perspective: Nickelodeon's Dumbest Decisions

Nickelodeon. Dear god. It's not your new logo I have a problem with. It's EVERYTHING ELSE!

NickMom on Nick Jr. - Forget about the idea of a preschool network airing adult programing for a second. It's bad enough that American networks are willing to butcher themselves in the never ending pursuit of ratings over quality or purpose. But to do that to a frickin' preschool network? This is why I'm grateful for Canadian television license restrictions; you won't see this crap on Treehouse any time soon!

Nick Studio 10. A programming block, where the programs are suddenly interrupted by a random short skit that last for about 5 seconds. Sounds good on paper, not so much in practice. Then again if I was watching a Spongebob marathon only for it to be interrupted by "fart-in-a-jar..."  ...Speaking of bad jokes...

Lucas Cruikshank on Nick. - I was expecting Marvin Marvin to be much, Much, MUCH, MUCH better received than Fred: The Show. But no, it was horrible. Horrible. That was the worst sitcom I've ever watched. Yes, worse than Austin & Ally and even worse than Dads.
Lucas should have just sticked to being a YouTube sellout. I'd rather watch Wendell & Vinnie. Actually no, that's only slightly better. I'd rather watch Korra, Power Rangers, and more Spongebob Squarepants reruns. Which brings me to...

Too. Much. Spongebob. - I'll never understand why americans networks think mini-marathons are a good idea. I'm a HUGE Spongebob fan and even I think that airing multiple blocks of the show is a horrible idea. If I'm not mistaken, hasn't Fairly Odd Parents been on the air just a long as Spongebob has? How come we're not seeing mini-marathons of that show? What the hell happened to the rest of Nick's programming? Oh, that's right. They've migrated to NickToons and Teen Nick which, aside from airing House of Anubis and Degrassi, is nothing more than archive channel for Nick's old teen programming...and older Nicktoons?

...I'm beginning to see how Disney Channel, of all networks, broke the network's 17-years ratings dominance. The "first network for kids" is now being run by kids. Stupid kids. Stupid, moronic, fricktarded kids. It's official, Cartoon Network and The Hub are the only kid's networks that have common sense.


Decoding Spike's VGX.

From the outside looking in, Spike renaming it's so-called Video Game Awards show to VGX might just be the greatest idea a Viacom-owned network has had since MTV dropped the "Music Television" tagline from it's name. What? If NickMom, Nick Studio 10 and, hell, ANYTHING a Nickelodeon-branded network has done in-general was anything to go by, "Viacom guys" normally have the worst ideas ever put on paper. I would have brought up the whole "Viacom vs YouTube" fiasco, but my humor is needed elsewhere.

Jeff Green and Jason Schreier both summed up why the VGA's are so infamous better than the gaming community has. In short, the shows cater more towards Spike's male demographic than the ACTUAL gaming community. Says Schreier, "It’s not hard to find the root of the problem here: You think we’re dumb. You think your audience is so stupid that they’ll be amused by YouTube rants and health potion gags. You think we get our jollies out of watching girls bite cupcakes off conveyor belts. You think videogame references make a good substitute for humor." Gamers? Dumb? Noooooo, really? -_-

In all seriousness, and in the network's defense, Spike is a network for men. According to Spike, men don't only care about gaming, they care about fixing failing bars, full-combat sports, tattoos, Americana & historical artifacts, and pro-wrestling...and girls. So, aside from covering a few events, Spike doesn't care all too much about gaming. G4 was supposed to be the go-to network for gaming, but you all know that story. So now, Spike is the USA's only network that actually gives a crap about gaming, maybe even North America since G4 Canada is in the same state as the americian version was before they canceled X-Play and Attack of the Show; it's time for a change.

So, what's so special about VGX? This year, they're going to focus more on the games and not about the other crap gamers don't care about. Instead of a shameless award show, it's going to be an all-day gaming event that will be streamed nearly everywhere except the Nintendo platforms and the PS4. Maybe this was Angry Joe's doing but, the nominees were chosen by a brand-new VGX council made of respected game journalists, including Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb. The show will focus more on the world-premiere trailers as well as, demos, game culture, and well, the kind of stuff you'd expect to see during E3 coverage.
I think this year, Spike is actually going to be giving gamers the respect that they think they  deserve instead of shilling to their own demographic, who probably care more about the Scream and Guy's Choice awards.

If they can pull it off, gaming television might have a future without G4.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

New Video Group: Who are these guys?

So I heard that a video game based on Saint Seiya was going to be released this week. Saint Seiya aka Knights of the Zodiac. I haven't heard that name in a LONG time. Sadly, the original english dub was made at a time when you didn't need to be 4Kids to butcher a Japanese property and the superior ADV dub was left incomplete. So, I decided, rather than read subtitles all day, I'd read the comic.
As I was, I looked up the current status of the show and found out that New Video Group was going to release the entire first story arc on DVD in 2014.

This is the third time I've seen a major re-release being backed by this company. First time I took notice was when they re-released the first Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters anime - you know, the one dubbed by 4Kids, good times! XD Then I heard they're re-releasing the ENTIRE 5 seasons on Digimon. Yes, they already released the first 4 seasons, now they're releasing Data Squad as well!

I don't know who these guys are but they are starting to win some fans!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


If the XBO can replace my cable box then I'd gladly vouch for it. But, I think I'd rather enjoy watching Microsoft get the bashing it deserves. No offense to 360 gamers, but it was about time people saw through all the smoke and mirrors. P.S Fuck XBGold
Keep a lock on myspace for bulletins.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rivals in Canada (To Be Updated)

Drama Networks

Children's Networks
YTV, Nickelodeon, Treehouse
BBC Kids
Family, Disney Junior Canada, Disney XD Canada (in Blind Trust)

"Music" Networks
Much, MTV Canada, M3, MTV2 Canada
CMT Canada

Basic Cable Movie Networks
Movietime, IFC Canada
W Movies, Sundance Channel Canada
Rewind, Silver Screen Classics
T Cult MC

Male-Targeting Networks
History Canada?

Female-Targeting Networks
Slice, Twist TV, Lifetime Canada,
W Network, Cosmopolitan TV, OWN Canada

Entertainment Network
FX Canada

Teen-Targeting Networks
ABC Spark

Friday, 15 November 2013

Nick Canada's Friday Night Lineup

OK, When did Nick Canada start wearing the pants in this relationship?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Well done.

"Why the fuck do you need a G+ account? Because you and those other guys sold the site to Google and they killed it! If I was stupid enough to make ANOTHER G+ account, I'd go to your YT channel and...
...Then again, I don't need G+ to send PMs."

...As the ONLY person on YouTube who wishes nothing more than to see it and everyone else who uses it burn in hell, it gives me great pleasure to say the following phrase.

This is going to be fun...

BTW, not using G+ anymore. Anyone up for a cold war?

Monday, 11 November 2013

And now for something machinima-related....

...I haven't touched Reycralibur since I finished episode 10 this past summer. I would make a Rob Ford joke here, comparing Reycralibur 11 to crack and lying about "working on it", but I never did enjoy celebrity gags. So, no, I'm not making jokes about Wrecking Balls either.

The main reason why the next episode is taking so long is because, after looking over what I've done so far story-wise, I'm not really proud of myself. I definitely didn't gave Betal the proper character intro he deserves and I haven't really touched on the relationship between Opal and Aile nor have I REALLY dug into Neo's reasoning for finding Reycralibur. I REALLY should have scripted this out before I started filming last year; but I can't turn back now.
So, before I finish the fight with Gorous, I want to give a little focus on Betal and who in the blue hell he is. Then, in the next few episodes, I'll shed a little more light on Neo and get back to Opal & Aile. I was hoping to finish this series within 14 episodes, but you can't rush a good story; Looks like I'll have to try for 21.

In the meantime, since the Abridged Knights of Brawl is almost over, I figure I should go back and remake the first episode. ...Well, not even figure, I HAVE to. The episode was made before I even watched the rest of the series, it's almost non-canon, and don't get me started on the horrible mic quality.
...You know, I think the voice acting was a bit better in episode 1...

And finally, the tutorial. As much as I hate to say this, I'm gonna have to start it over from scratch. Not to worry though, I have plan...which I won't explain to you; as you can see, I have a unlucky streak for announcing things that I never finish.

...And for something completely different. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Here's a random thought...

Maybe G4 should have been bought out by Viacom. After all Spike has had G4's number for many years when it comes to gaming coverage, it helps that Viacom also owns The problem is though, if G4 were to be bought by Viacom and return back to it's gaming roots, what will they be broadcasting? My first guess is in-studio programming, my second guess is shows and movies based on/about video games and gaming culture, my third guess is both.

Whatever, most people will go to Gametrailers or for gaming news nowadays. ...Seriously, how much longer must I wait for the canadian version to be free already! Give me something, Rogers, ANYTHING!!

Friday, 8 November 2013


...Ha-Ha, no. But I'm not updating my channel. You know what's great about blogger? Where people like The Inverted Shadow feel the need to waste their time, and others, making a generic video complaining about things they don't like about youtube (Seriously, what the hell?!?!, I can spend minutes writing about the things I HATE about this website and post it into one blog. But for now, I'm just going to say, I have no intentions of getting my channel a G+ page JUST so I can make comments.

Seriously, do those morons actually expect me to make ANOTHER G+ page just so I can contribute to the absolute filth that is youtube's comment section? How delusional are they? Besides, this is just a ploy to get more people to use G+ by forcing them to use it, as opposed to making G+ look more attractive to people looking for an alternative to Facebook. OK, well their not forcing people to use it, but how else are you going to communicate to your e-friends and moronic fanbase if you can't reply to their comments? Obviously, ripping off Facebook's layout didn't work, so let's just rig the comment section so that, in order to make a comment, you have to use your G+ page. Seriously, if they start bragging that more people use G+ than Facebook because of this, then it goes to show you that this company truly doesn't care about their consumers. Thankfully, I prefer to use Myspace.

People won't like what I'm about to say, implying they liked all the things I said in the past, but I REALLY wish someone would do to this concentration camp what SOPA did to Megavideo. It's very karmic in that both Google - who continues to ruin what was once a great video-sharing service - and the disgusting degenerates of the youtube community - who allows Google to ruin this website and helps them do so with their pirating and their spoiled, attention whore attitudes - end up losing the most valuable thing in their meaningless lives.

...IF ONLY!!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Canadian feeds of Americian networks.

I know I'm a amateur at this but, I don't see the point in bringing an americian network, not an American-branded service but the actual americian network, to Canada if we're going to block almost every program it broadcasts. I don't mind blocking the syndicated programming, but what's the point of blocking the movies? Last time I checked, Netflix was still a thing...and there are ways to access Hulu from up north... Thankfully, it's just syndicated programming and movies, original programming gets off scot-free. ...Ah, now I get it! X)

Anyway, BET, AMC, and Spike are the only networks I know that have this problem. Because of this BET's Canadian feed is virtually nothing but music videos, music videos, original programming, and more music videos. Not that I'd want to watch a marathon of Family Matters. ...Wait, wasn't that show already playing on MTV2!?!?!

A&E, however, doesn't have this problem. Aside from reruns of Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami, all they broadcast is original programming. Yeah, were as networks like G4 in the US threw away their programming for LOST reruns and Showcase has become a dumping ground for american dramas (Seriously, THEY'RE PLAYING SVU RERUNS!!!) and crappy disaster films, A&E prefers to broadcast original programming. It doesn't mean much, but I think I have found some new respect for A&E. Be Original indeed.

Seriously, this had better help fund some new canadian programming. I would rather create the next Trailer Park Boys then buy another crappy americian show like Dads.

So I checked out how Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Dads were doing...

...It looks like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one the best shows on Fox while Dads is one of the biggest piles of crap ever put on television.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

G4techTV Revisited [G4 Canada]

Going for 3 in 1 here. Yeah, I'm calling G4 Canada by it's previous name, "G4techTV", since it kept the name and format longer than the US version did. Besides, there's almost no point calling it by it's current name since G4 will be off the air by the end of the year.
OK, say we decide to rebrand back to G4techTV and revamp the channel. How do we shift "G4T" back to an entertainment format while still focusing on technology?

For starters, we could try bringing anime back to the channel. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Sword Art Online on G4T? Not to mention, aside from kid fare, we haven't seen any mature-oriented anime since Bionix went off the air. It's a niche that NEEDS to be filled!
I was annoyed that TVTropes would joke about the Adult Digital Distraction block yet not say anything about how the Anime Current block was related to technology; can you say "biased?" But, silly me, I didn't realize that the majority of shows played on the block did have something to do with technology in many ways: from Ghost in the Shell to Serial Experiments Lain! The new G4T needs to reach the gamer demographic the same way G4 did in the US, and a lotta gamers like to play Blazblue.

Which of course, brings me to the gaming shows. For gaming news, all we have are EP Daily and Reviews on the Run and, thankfully, that's all we need. So for gaming entertainment, I got just the thing, shows and movies based on video games! ...Yes, most of said shows are kid-oriented fare, and yes, most said movies are very cheesy. But, the age limit never stopped people from watching every episode of Sonic AM on the weekend, did it? And it won't ALL be kid-oriented fare. Going back to anime, we have shows like Blue Dragon, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, Sands of Destruction and shows based on visual novels like Higurashi or Shuffle aren't out of the question either.
For more western entertainment, the sky's the limit on scripted shows relating to technology. Hello, Revolution anyone?

G4's lifestyle programming will be carried over to G4T, along with Rude Tube and Bang goes the Theory, but the old Tech TV shows will have to be dropped since they're really outdated. Finally, and this is my favorite part, a new logo, on screen branding and updated website will made for the new G4TechTV to signify it's independence from the americian version!

*exhausted* Of course, if Rogers does plan on doing something with G4, I don't expect them to do all this. But, hey, I can dream.

MuchImprovement [MuchMusic]

Time to revisit the network calling itself Much, as opposed to "MuchMusic". The drama shows are gone...almost, the lineup has been reshuffled, and it's teen audience has moved to greener pastures. It's time to figure out what's next for Much.

For Much's music programming, The Wedge airs Sundays at 10am but it doesn't get much promotion, Video on Trial and the Countdown airs on Fridays (though the VOT's show page hasn't been updated yet), and Much has added an extra video block in the evenings. Don't forget, the entire morning and afternoon lineup on weekdays is all music programming. For a network that no longer calls itself MuchMusic, outside of it's legal name and website, they're airing A LOT more music programming nowadays! Either Bell Media is trying to play kiss-ass with the CRTC before they try to lower the amount of music programming again, or Much has proven that music will always remain an important part of their brand.

So, it's time for the non-music programming, the shows that will shape the demographic Much is trying to reach. The current shows are as follows: Tosh.0, South Park, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Conan and Late Night; with reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bunk and Chappelle's Show. I know that Bunk and Chappelle's Show will be off the air eventually, and Out There has already finished it's run.
Meanwhile, Ugly Americans, Dean Cole's Black Box, Drunk History and The Jeselnik Offensive are currently off the air. I think both Drunk History and the Offensive would be better off moving back to the Comedy Network, they don't really fit within the pop-culture genre as Tosh.0 and the talk shows do. While I'm at it, Comedy Bang! Bang! doesn't seem to fit in either and Much isn't even promoting it.

According to their website, Much will begin airing Workaholics starting November 19 @ 11pm ( I felt that Much needed more scripted programming, so this is nice news. However, if Much is going to be airing comedy shows from now on, then the shows need to reflect the theme and direction that the network is going. Besides, if they start airing MORE comedy shows, especially ones that have already been canceled, what's the Comedy Network gonna broadcast?

I think someone at Much knows this, I notice that encores of Degrassi have been airing Thursdays after their intital airing on MTV. Might be some sort of test, if Degrassi does poorly on MTV, they'll move it back to Much. Of course that depends on whether or not Much's old demographic is still watching the channel.

One more thing I have to say, I'm just nitpicking at this point but, is there a chance the black-and-white variation of Much's current logo can become the official logo. Not that I like the current logo, it's just as lazy as the other logos Bell Media introduced in 2011, but at least it fits with commercials and bumpers and it's not an eyesore like the multicolor shitstain variation. I haven't seen a logo this camera-shy since Teletoon back in 2006, when they were using the wordfont in it's place.

That's about it, well done, MuchMTV Group. Now turn your focus on the Canadian MTV2; notice how no one is watching it...

Live-Action shows: Teletoon > Cartoon Network. Come at me.

We know that Teletoon has done live-action before, wether it was when they broadcasted Fireball XL5 back in their early days or broadcasting live-action movies on the Detour block, now known as Teletoon at Night. When it came to reintroducing live-action shows to the daytime lineup, they didn't have it as bad as Cartoon Network, but they didn't have it easy either.

The first real live-action original series was the teen dramady "Majority Rules!" You can tell by the fact that it channel hopped to corporate sibling Family that it was a flop and no one watched it. Skatoony was the network's first real successful live-action show..., a live-action/animation hybrid game show. Now that's more like it! 
But then, after "ordinary ended" in 2011, came Beyond Human, a documentary about people who can do amazing things. You can argue that the stuff they did was akin to something a cartoon character could do, it debuted during "Cartoon Science Month," but this looked like something that should have been broadcasted on TVO or CBC TV.

Lucky, during the same year, another all live-action show debuted which was much more successful: My Babysitter's a Vampire. Unlike Majority Rules!, which catered to the teen-girl demographic, Babysitter was tailor made for Teletoon's "unreal" audience. Course, I never watched the show, I like my vampires in two flavors: seductive, sadistic, sex gods or crazed, carnivorous, cannibals. But I did see the prequel movie and it was alright; The complete opposite of CN's Re-Animated and it's spin-off show, minus the laugh track. Babysitter ended up getting picked up overseas on Disney Channel, probably because Cartoon Network has already caused enough damage to their already mentally-ill fanbase.

The last live-action show to be produced for Teletoon was Mudpit, another LA/Animated hybrid. This show followed an upstarting band as they tried to earn a recording contract by playing a musical MMO called Muzika. How's that for unreal? After that I would say that Teletoon has found their rhythm when it came to live-action shows. ...But then they produced Just Kidding for Disney XD and, well let's just say, for a show about kids pulling pranks, it's as unoriginal as it sounds like.

I should point out that Teletoon has also acquired a number of live-action shows, mainly from The Hub Network, a Hasbro/Discovery joint venture. Anyways, I DEFINITELY don't mind Teletoon producing another live-action show but, since Corus will soon have complete control over the network, maybe they should just stick to animation. Besides, the live-action movies on Teletoon at Night are way better than the movies daytime Teletoon airs. ...Marmaduke, really?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Let's go back to MTV2/Action-TV

I do need to revisit MTV2 Canada and Action..., no, not the genre. Seriously, you did that on purpose.

MTV2 Canada
I took a second look at MTV2 Canada because MTV2 looks like the type of channel I would have loved to watch a few years ago; and it was, during it's first few years and back when it was known as Razer. Thing is, it's not getting enough promotion and it's still being grouped with the other music channels even though it, and the MTV brand, aren't all about music anymore. There's a good reason why it doesn't get any promotion, there's no new programming being aired on the network. Where's Guy Code or Wild 'N' Out? Why am I seeing Degrassi and Breaker High reruns? Come to think of it, why am I seeing reruns of Hollywood Heights? I thought YTV and Corus had exclusive rights to all Nickelodeon programming. I'm not subscribed to MTV2 currently, and I don't think Rogers will put it on free preview anytime soon, not unless Bell Media does something to make people want to subscribe...., if they even want to. Otherwise, they might as well rebrand back to Razer or shut it down altogether and save a buck or two.

I think I get it. City may have changed it's name, but we still call it CityTv. Likewise, we call Action, "Action TV." After all, that was the network's pre-launch name: Action Television. "Action" used to refer to the movies they play, but now they've drifted from action movies to simply male-oriented movies. Likewise, the shows they broadcast aren't just action shows, they're male-centric shows. You remember Spike's old catchphrase: "Get More Action?" ( That basically sums up Action-TV's general direction. No, Action doesn't need a rebrand, but it does need to let it's viewers know what it's REALLY all about. Action knows action, but not just the "high-octane and explosive" kind.

Call of Duty isn't a rehash anymore.

With Black Ops II, Treyarch did the impossible. They created the first Call of Duty game that didn't feel like a rehash of last year's game..., I'm looking at you, MW3. The problem with World at War, Black Ops, and MW3, and even Modern Warfare 2 (Dear god, I HATE that game!), they all had the same core features with only a small bit of new content to differentiate them. Boot up Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for a little while and then switch over to Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Notice how the only new content in BT3 was the characters, the Day/Night stages, online, and replays for the Wii version. To their credit, this is what those brain-damaged FPS kiddies are talking about when they say that Call of Duty was "the same game every year."

With Black Ops II, Treyarch didn't settle for the same linear campaign, XP-based multiplayer, or survival mode; they went a little further. League play, CODCasting, Strike Force missions (though I don't think they executed it well), and multiple endings just to name a few...if not all. THIS is how you evolve an annually released game. Really, the only thing that was rehashed from MW3 was the graphics. The fact that it was competing against, of all games, Medal of Honor Warfighter REALLY helps.

Maybe it's because I'm not drinking the same Kool-aid that these other morons are, especially the BF3 fanboys, nor am I a Call of Duty fanboy (UNREAL TOURNAMENT FOREVER!!!!), but I can appreciate a original game when I see it. I'm confidant that Infinity Ward will be able to redeem themselves from the embarrassment that was MW3 with the next installment, Ghosts. But more importantly, those COD kiddies should stop sucking IW's noobtube and kissing Activision's ass. Remember, Guitar Hero also made a radical change in their gameplay before Activision killed it.

In the meantime, have fun with Battlefield 4, I'm sure it will a perfect alternative for those who want to know what real war feels-*bursts out laughing* ...Sorry, you had to hear that....

Friday, 1 November 2013

My Facebook Posts...

Yes, I do have a facebook page, but I only use it when I can't use my G+ account. As to why, I'm uploading my posts..., no idea.
#doyletweets NOT THE GTO!
#BoundForGlory That's 3 title changes tonight. If the World Title changes hands tonight, it'll be the first time all active TNA Championship titles (excluding the TV title) have changed hands since Bound for Glory 2006!
After seeing MuchMore get re-branded to M3, a "superstation" that still plays music-related programming, I'm definitely keeping my eyes on G4. There IS a way for G4 Canada to switch back to an entertainment format while still focusing on technology, they just haven't discovered it yet.
Piss 'n' Chips. The official snack of #RHOH 
Stay Hungry, Mitches!
I'm LOVING the new MUCH! Still It's sad that, by getting rid of the teen dramas, Canada doesn't really have a definitive teen-oriented network anymore (No, "Family Channel" doesn't count). Besides, it is redundant that MUCH replaced them with JUST comedy shows...when Bell already owns a "Comedy Network". A little more diversity would be nice, how about more animated shows?
#doyletweets I could use a giant chain myself.
#IMPACTLive EC3. More like Rule of 3. Next time he steps in the ring, I expect him to get flattened!
#HonorLives I need to get me that Best of ROH DVD! Lucky for me, I got a PayPal account this year!
#WatchROH Ricky Marvin. I'm going to be remembering that name for a LONG time!